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107.45 tonnes of waste dumped in landfills daily in Nagaland

12:12 PM Nov 25, 2022 IST | greport2018
107 45 tonnes of waste dumped in landfills daily in nagaland

Nagaland generates 282.43 tons of waste every day, of which only 102 tons are processed, of which only 285.49 TPD is collected, while only 122 TPD is treated and 7.5 TPD is landfilled.

Waste dumped in Nagaland

According to the annual report on solid waste management (2020-2021) of the Delhi Central Pollution Control Board, it is reported that there are a total of 39 ULBs responsible for the implementation of the Solid Waste Management Regulations 2016 in the state.


Reports have revealed that the Kochi Municipal Corporation is facing a problem related to years of accumulated waste at the Brahmapuram plant. For the elimination of this waste, the biomining process has been adopted, the responsibility of which has been entrusted to Zonta Infratech.

While Nagaland ranks 28th in environmental performance (SWM) with a score of 42 points, Madhya Pradesh scored the highest (76.75) followed by Goa (71.50), Chandigarh (71.25), Chhattisgarh (69.00), Andaman and Nicobar Islands (67.75) and Maharashtra (67.50) and the lowest solid waste management performance scores were Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, West Bengal and Lakshadweep, from of which Arunachal Pradesh (25.00) scored the lowest.


Adoption of biomining process

According to the report, the total amount of solid waste generated in the country is 160,038.9 TPD of which 152,749.5 TPD of waste are collected with a global collection efficiency of 95.4%, while 79,956.3 TPD are treated. (50%) of waste and 29,427.2 (18.4%) is deposited in a landfill, leaving 50,655.4 TPD unaccounted for, which is 31.7% of the total waste generated.


According to the report, about 80 per cent of the land can be reclaimed by adopting the biomining process. This biomining process has been started since January 20, 2022. So far, this work has been completed in Sectors 4, 5, 6 and 7. It means about 25 per cent of work and 10 acres of land almost seized. have been cleaned. It is estimated that the biomining process is expected to be completed in the stipulated time of June 2023.


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