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How is Work from home culture increasing adult film addiction?

11:10 AM Aug 26, 2022 IST | pallavvjain
how is work from home culture increasing adult film addiction

According to a report in DailyMail, since the rise of the work-from-home culture in the UK due to the pandemic, many people are seeking medical help regarding adult film addiction.

Due to remote working, people are now sitting in front of their computers for a long time, and adult film is only a few clicks away from them. In such a situation, people start watching adult film to relax.


The number of people seeking medical help for adult film addiction has almost doubled. According to experts, it is now much easier for casual adult film viewers to watch adult movies. People nowadays start watching adult film when there is a little temptation. The work-from-home culture has given them the opportunity to work in an isolated environment where they have a lot of time and privacy. Now one does not have to wait for this to return home from the office or for the night to fall.

However, it soon takes the form of addiction.


What is adult film addiction?

Adult film addiction is a type of sex addiction in which users develop an addiction to the pleasurable sensation or ‘high’ associated with sexual activity.


According to the Laurel Center, London’s largest adult film addiction clinic, they are treating many addicts who are working remotely and who are used to watching adult film for 14 hours a day.


Laurel Center has treated 750 adult film addicts in the first 6 months of 2022. Whereas in the year 2019, in the whole year they treated 950 such cases.


How to gain control over your adult film addiction?

Any addiction can be overcome through self-control. You can try these things for adult film addiction.

  • Delete all adult film apps and bookmarks from your phone.
  • Delete all adult clips saved on the hard disk.
  • Install anti-adult film software on your electronic device.
  • Whenever you feel strong, start doing some other activity.
  • Stop yourself at that moment to remember how it has ruined your life.
  • Ask your partner to talk to you about adult film addiction and keep an eye on you.
  • Do not keep the phone by your side before sleeping at night.
  • Develop a habit of reading 10 pages of any book before sleeping.

When to seek the help of a therapist?

When you have difficulty in self-control and your addiction starts increasing, consult a doctor immediately. There are many therapies available for this. Therapy will help you overcome anxiety, depression, and OCD.

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Pallav Jain is co-founder of Ground Report and an independent journalist and visual storyteller based in Madhya Pradesh. He did his PG Diploma in Radio and TV journalism from IIMC 2015-16.


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