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How Shahrukh Khan's Dunki is a Remake of CIA and Aaja Mexico Challiye

04:23 PM Oct 01, 2023 IST | Ground Report
how shahrukh khan s dunki is a remake of cia and aaja mexico challiye
How SRK's Dunki is a Remake of CIA and Aaja Mexico Challiye

Shahrukh Khan starrer Dunki, directed by Rajkumar Hirani would release on the same day as Prashanth Neel directed Salaar, starring Prabhas i.e. 22nd December. Now this pitted each star’s fandom against each other. They are trolling one another, and claiming their star is bigger than the other. These fights are very shallow and even obnoxious.

In the series of trolls, the current obsession is proving that each film is a remake of some other film. And, let us try to understand if there are any merits in the case.


Dunki remake claims?

Dunki remake of #DulquerSalmaan’s Comrade in America (CIA). Claiming this, an X user– ‘Film Industry Tracker, – wrote,



#Dunki is an upcoming 2023 Indian Hindi-language social comedy-drama film about an illegal immigration technique named "Donkey Flight".

Comrade in America:


Film revolves around the travel of Aji #DulquerSalmaan, a communist from Kerala who travels to the United States illegally via Latin America and Mexican border to get to his girlfriend Sarah in time before she is forced to marry another person.

Defending this, another one wrote


#RajkumarHirani will NEVER EVER remake a film. He’ll NEVER copy scenes from other films. Abhijaat and Raju sir have enough talent and potential to turn original ideas into iconic ones. #DUNKI will be no exception. #ShahRukhKhan 

Another claim is that this is a make of Ammy Virk’s Aaja Mexico Challiye, as said by the actor himself in an interview.


Yes, the film explores similar themes. But, does that make the movie the remake of the other? I don’t think. Like, PK is an alien film which talks about religious dogma. Then, is it like Koi Mil Gaya? If you think, they are quite similar stories too, with overlapping plot points. PK can easily be compared with Paresh Rawal’s OMG! Oh My God.

There are instances of Hirani being inspired by his own films, and sometimes other films too. The part of the famous in 3-idiots can be found in Khushwant Singh’s Delhi: A novel as well.

Salaar remake claims?

The film is being claimed to be the remake of  Prashanth Neel's much-acclaimed Ugramm. This claim surfaced when the Hindi-dubbed of the film was removed from YouTube. Although, the director has denied the claims, stating that Salaar would be an original film. At the same time, he has mentioned that the type of cinema he makes is inspired by or has the same tonality as Ugramm.

One X user wrote,

Ravi Basrur Confirmed #Salaar is a Kannada film  #Ugramm Remake 

When asked about this , He said

Everyone knows , It's a Ugramm Remake 

We have seen how Sri Murali excelled in that role , We know how #Prabhas can perform

However, I feel there is not much difference in the tonality of a lot of hypermasculine films. Even, the story. But, isn’t that exactly what we are coming to watch? Although, Neel’s world-building is unparalleled. I hope the world with a grim-yellow/brown colour palette has more to offer than KGF 1-2.

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