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Netizens express sexist judgment on actor Raveena Tandon's Padma Shri award

07:38 PM Apr 07, 2023 IST | sanya raghwa
netizens express sexist judgment on actor raveena tandon s padma shri award

Bollywood actor, Raveena Tandon, was awarded Padma Shri on 5th April. A lot of questions have been raised by the skeptics of whether she deserves to be honored in the first place. The actor received the fourth-highest civilian award from Indian President, Draupadi Murmur during a ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi.


The Padma Shri award winner was trolled on social media and was questioned about her privilege of receiving the award. The Twitter homepage was flooded with comments questioning the credibility of why Raveena Tandon was getting this award.


The skeptical comments included- “Raising two girls when single is great but the hell does it have to do with a Padma Shri?”; The purpose of this award is distinguished service in some field”; Raveena Tandon hardly comes to mind for any service at all; Raveena Tandon was such an average actor, why is she given Padma Shri?”; Legendary singer Geeta Shri Sandhya Mukherjee refused the Padma Shri award- it was too small ana award for a career that spanned over 8 decades”; Imagine Raveena Tandon being awarded in the same category? These awards are a shameful slap on the credibility of REAL artists”; Agree or disagree, I think they have lost their significance because they are mostly given to their party supporters. Congress did it during their time and BJP is doing it now. I don’t think Raveena Tandon would have got this, had she not been a BJP supporter.”

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After Raveena Tandon was honored with Padma Shri the public raised the question “Why she”? This raises questions about the reason behind her receiving the awards. A number of Twitter users have tweeted that while recalling the people indulged in doing social service, Raveena Tandon is the last to be thought of.

Does the public ask what is unique about Padma Shri? It raises a question on the selection committee for overlooking the hard work of finding the real and deserving talent in society. 


“What did the actor do for which she has been awarded the Padma Shri”? Was the question that was raised against her.

A netizen commented that


“After winning the award Raveena said she never worked for awards. Well, she was a hundred percent right. Her work was never worthy enough to win a Padma Shri. How on earth did she end up winning one?”. “Raveena Tandon gets a Padma Shri – for the hottest figure in Bollywood for a span of about 6 months sometime in the 1990s” another netizen commented.

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A Twitter user Meghna Girish tweets,

“Shocked at the double standards, particularly sexist remarks against Raveena Tandon She won many awards including the National Award for Best Actor in 2001. Also known for philanthropy and influencing social change, adopting and raising 2 young girls when still single. What…”


This is not the first time a female actor or a personality has been questioned about receiving the award. In the society we live in, accomplishments have to be visible and should be ‘marketed. People would easily question the person who is being honored, then question their own ignorance. The case is layered for women.

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