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The Kerala Story: "There is no evidence of “32,000 women recruited into ISIS"

02:37 PM May 02, 2023 IST | Ground report
the kerala story   there is no evidence of “32 000 women recruited into isis

On April 26, a trailer for a movie titled ‘The Kerala Story’ was released, and was subsequently shared on Twitter by various users and encouraged others to watch it.

In November 2022, a movie teaser drew huge attention on social media. The teaser features a burqa-clad woman who reveals her past as Shalini Unnikrishnan, an Indian woman who aspired to become a nurse. The woman then claims to be Fatima Ba, an ISIS terrorist currently imprisoned in Afghanistan.


She claims that there are 32,000 girls like her who have converted to Islam and have been sent to Syria and Yemen. Fatima also alleges that a dangerous game is being played in Kerala to turn innocent girls into terrorists, all while she is in plain sight.

No evidence to back 32,000-claim

The description of ‘Kerala Story’ on YouTube has been changed from ‘Heartbreaking and Heartbreaking Stories of 32000 Women in Kerala! Coming soon!’ to ‘The true story of 3 young girls from different parts of Kerala’.


The change comes after the initial trailer for the propaganda film made false claims about recruiting thousands of women into ISIS, which were later debunked by experts.


Dr. Ayesha Ray, an author and political scientist, tweeted that she is nearing completion of her book on women militants in South Asia.


She tweeted ‘I’m currently in the final stages of completing my book on female militants in South Asia and I can say with absolute confidence that there is no evidence in the India chapter of “32,000 women” being recruited into ISIS. It’s more like 8-10 and has nothing to do with love jihad!’.


Muslim Youth League’s One Crore Offer

The Muslim Youth League has challenged the makers of Sudipto Sen’s controversial film The Kerala Story to prove the controversial claim made in the trailer that ‘32,000 Kerala girls’ were forcibly converted and recruited by the ISIS group.

The organization’s state committee has announced a monetary reward of Rs 1 crore if the creators can produce proof that 32,000 Kerala women converted to Islam and migrated to Syria or Yemen, as claimed in the preview. Two concerned people from Kerala also offered monetary rewards as part of the campaign.

Actor and lawyer S Shukkur has announced on Facebook that he is offering a reward of Rs 11 lakhs to anyone who can provide information on 32 Kerala women who were allegedly converted and forced to join ISIS. Shukkur cited Nazeer as his inspiration for the bounty offer, as Nazeer had previously announced a Rs 10 lakh bounty for information on at least 10 women who were converted and forced to join the militant team.

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