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50 Sexiest TV series on Netflix to watch in 2023

11:38 PM May 31, 2023 IST | Ground report
50 sexiest tv series on netflix to watch in 2023

Sexiest TV Series on Netflix, this is the most updated List on the internet right now: Netflix has endless streaming options to offer if you are looking for the steamy, sexiest TV series. Yes, thanks to Netflix brings you shows filled with heat, drama, love, and much-needed romance.

We have sorted a list of steamy shows streaming on Netflix in 2023, just for you, let's have a look.


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Hottest TV Series on Netflix in 2023

Fake Profile

fake profile Hottest TV Series on Netflix in 2023

The plot is about Camilla, a girl who discovers a man through an online dating profile and falls in love with him. She quickly learns, however, that he had been pretending to be someone else the entire time and had a wife and children at home. This series is full of straight and gay steamy love-making scenes.


Sky High 2023

To remain independent of her father, who is a stolen goods trafficker, a newly widowed single mom joins her late husband’s gang of smash-and-grab thieves.


In Love All Over Again 2023

In Love All Over Again 2023 hottest series on netflix

In the year 2003, Irene a young film student is preparing a short film. To star in it, she meets Julio, with whom she quickly falls in love. This series is one the hottest series released on Netflix in the year 2023.


Triptych 2023

Triptych 2023

A woman finds out that she is one of the three triplets. After this surprising discovery, the detective embarks on a dangerous search for her mysterious past. This show has few intimate scenes but less nudity.

Class 2023

Class 2023 hot Indian series on netflix

Class is an Indian remake of the Spanish hottest series in Internet 'Elite'. It is one of the boldest series on Netflix from India. It talks about the class and caste divide in India.

A Girl and an Astronaut 2023

A Girl and an Astronaut 2023

It is about a girl Nadia who searches for information about the mission and its astronaut; Niko and Bogdan compete for a spot in the space program and in Marta's heart. Every episode of this series has steamy scenes. The Star cast is attractive and the storyline is engaging.

You Season 4, 2023

You Season 4, 2023

Season 4 of one of the most streamed Netflix series landed. It has fewer hot scenes as compared to the previous seasons but you can watch this season because the hunter becomes prey in You's London-set fourth season.

Lidia Poet 2023

Lidia Poet 2023

Lidia Poet is a story inspired by the first Italian woman lawyer, Lidia Poet. The series follows Poet as she solves mysteries while working as a lawyer at her brother’s law firm. This is a period drama with lots of hot scenes.

CLARK 2022

clark 2022 sexiest series on netflix

This is the incredible story behind Sweden's most notorious gangster, Clark Olofsson, whose infamous crimes gave rise to the term "Stockholm Syndrome". Clark is one of the sexiest TV series streaming on Netflix in 2022. Just Watch

Welcome to Eden 2022

Zoa and four other young people are invited to an exclusive party on a secret island, sponsored by a new drink. However, the supposed paradise they find waiting for them is not what they expected. IMDB

Diary of a Gigolo 2022

diary of a gigolo sexiest series on netflix in 2022

Diary of a Gigolo is an American television miniseries produced by Underground for Telemundo. It stars Jesús Castro, Victoria White, and Fabiola Campomanes. It is streaming on Netflix.

Summer Heat 2022

summer heat hot series on netflix

A group of young adults working at a paradisiac resort lives an unforgettable summer as they discover love, true friendships, and devastating secrets. Just Watch

The Marked Heart 2022

 marked heart hot series on netflix

This new Colombian telenovela is about a man who has to watch his wife die and have her heart extracted to give to another woman. He’s out for revenge in the world of organ trafficking.

Rebelde 2022

rebelde hot netflix series

Head back to Elite Way School as a new generation of students hopes to win the Battle of the Bands. If you have seen Elites, it is somewhat like that. Just Watch

High Heat 2022

When clues to his brother's murder lead Poncho to a fire brigade, he joins it to investigate further and finds romance, family - and a serial killer. It offers lots of male nudity and sex scenes. Just Watch

Wrong Side of the Tracks 2022

wrong side of the tracks sexiest series on netflix to watch in 2022

When his teenage granddaughter falls victim to the drug dealers overtaking his neighborhood, a fed-up war veteran takes matters into his own hands. It offers very bold scenes and gripping story. Just Watch

The girl in the mirror 2022

the girl in the mirror is one of the sexy series on netflix

After losing her memory in a bizarre accident that kills most of her classmates, Alma tries to unravel what happened that day — and regain her identity. You can see a lot more hot scenes and queer love in this series. Just Watch

Only for love 2022

only for love adult tv series on netflix

Deusa’s solo career puts her romance with Tadeu to the test. Eva wants a great artist to sing her lyrics. Soon, their musical dreams collide. This offers nudity and straight and gay love scenes. Just Watch

Vikings: Valhalla 2022

Vikings: Valhalla hot series

In this sequel to "Vikings," a hundred years have passed and a new generation of legendary heroes arises to forge its own destiny — and make history. You can get to see a lot more steamy scenes and nudity in this new version of Vikings just like the old one. Just Watch

Dahmer 2022

dahmer netflix hot scsnes

The story of one of the most notorious serial killers in the United States is largely told from the points of view of his victims. You can see some same-sex bold scenes in this series.

Once upon a time happily never after 2022

Once upon a time happily never after 2022 hot series on netflix

Forced to separate, a man and a woman must find each other in another life to break a spell on their town where no one can fall in love. It's a musical drama and comedy. It offers some of the sexiest scenes.

KITZ 2021

kitz netflix hottest series

A year after the tragic death of her brother, 19-year-old Lisi enters the decadent world of a Munich clique that treks to the luxury ski resort of Kitzbühel, Austria, to celebrate every season.

Toy Boy Season 1-2

Toy boy hottest series on netflix

Toy Boy revolves around a group of 4 male strippers. They call themselves “toy boys”. Each of the toy boys has its own story—some are merely strippers, while others are escorts to older women looking for companions. This series is full of high-volt intimate scenes. This is one of the hottest tv series streaming on Netflix in 2022.

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

Netflix’s dark comedy series is a parody of all the mystery subgenre’s familiar tropes about women essentially not being believed, trying to solve a murder on their own, and being gaslit by pretty much everyone in their inner circle.

Grand Army

Grand Army sexiest series on netflix

Stories that strive to create an authentic depiction of adolescence — with all its harrowing insecurity, unchecked anger, confusion, and cruelty — often pile so many layers of misery upon their characters that the viewer, too, feels punished.

Ginny & Georgia 2021

Ginny & Georgia 2021 sexiest series on netflix

After years on the run, Georgia desperately wants to put down roots in picturesque New England and give her family something they've never had... a normal life.

The Cook of Castamar 2021

Set in early 18th-century Madrid, the plot follows the love story between an agoraphobic cook and a widowed nobleman. Just Watch

The Time it Takes 2021

the time it takes sexy series on netflix

Lina and Nico break up after many years together, and Lina struggles to find a new life and to think about him a little less each day. This offers lots of intimate scenes and nudity.

Sex Life Season 1

Sex life hottest netflix series

Billie realizes she is unsatisfied with her glossy life, particularly the sexual side of it, which has become routine.

That this dilemma is strung out over eight long episodes is almost impressive, given how sparse the story is.

The Five Juanas

The Five Juanas sexy series on netflix

The Five Juanas pulls out all manner of corny telenovela storytelling techniques. It makes no bones about being a frequently trashy display of nudity beef-and-cheesecake.

Elite 2018-2021

hottest adult series on netflix

Elite is a Spanish tv series. It pokes at sensitive cultural spots like closeted gay teens, sexually transmitted diseases, racism, and the corruption of wealth. This is the hottest tv show on Netflix to watch this year.

Dark Desire 1-2

dark desire boldest series on netflix

After the first episode, I just wanted more. Every episode was different and it got you hooked on what was going to happen next. Season 2 of this series is also released on Netflix. We can call it the sexiest tv series on Netflix ever produced.

Bridgerton season 1-2

series with hottest sex scenes bridgerton on netflix

It’s a sexier and more colorful reinterpretation of London’s Regency Era. Season one is the sexiest season of this tv series on Netflix.

WHO KILLED SARA? Season 1,2,3

who killed sara steamy series on netflix

I highly recommend this show. I love mystery and this show is a mystery that keeps me guessing and playing detective. You may think that you have it all figured out but then there’s a twist. The real question is, is Sara really dead? This is one of the hottest tv series on Netflix.


valeria series with lots of bold scenes

Valeria comes pretty damn close to supplying you with the thrills you desire — without the daunting trip outside. This is one of the sexiest tv series on Netflix.

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What if

hottest netflix series in 2022

In this neo-noir social thriller, Oscar winner Renée Zelwegger stars as Anne Montgomery, a woman of extreme wealth who makes young scientist Lisa a steamy proposal.

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