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‘Bachpan ka Pyaar’ singer Sahdev Dirdo launch NFT collection

05:27 PM Jan 14, 2022 IST | Ground report
‘bachpan ka pyaar’ singer sahdev dirdo launch nft collection

Ground Report | New Delhi: ‘Bachpan ka Pyaar NFT; Bachpan Ka Pyaar’ fame Sahdev Dirdo is set to launch his NFT collection to a celebrity NFT market. The 10-year-old boy recently announced that he has fully recovered after sustaining serious injuries in a road accident in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district last month. He was a passenger with his father on a motorcycle.

Bachpan ka Pyaar launch NFT

“Sahdev Dirdo, 10 year old singer and internet sensation, who shot to fame with ‘Bachpan ka Pyaar’ is all set to step into the metaverse with nOFTEN, India’s celebrity metaverse marketplace. Do you want to see what’s in his store? Head to now,” the company said in an Instagram post.


The digital pieces will be sold on the NFT platform nOFTEN. Sahdev Dirdo was seriously injured after a traffic accident in the Sukma district of Chhattisgarh on December 28. He was accompanying his father on a motorcycle.


Dirdo’s viral clip ‘Bachpan ka Pyaar’ was filmed by his teacher almost two years ago. After the clip became an online hit, rapper Badshah collaborated with the boy to make a revamped version of the song. Badshah had shared an update on Dirdo’s health on Instagram, a day after his accident.

What is Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

According to a BBC report, in economics, fusible assets are units that can be easily converted – such as money. With paisa, you can replace Rs 5 note with Rs 10 note and it will have the same value.

However, if something is non-fungible, it will be impossible to do so. This means that this non-fungible asset has a unique quality, so it cannot be interchanged with anything else. This item can range from a house to a painting of Monalisa.

Most NFTs are part of the Etherian blockchain. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Dogecoin, but its blockchain also supports these NFTs.

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