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BBC Anchor wears shorts under a desk, once Deepak chaurasia did same

12:04 PM Jun 05, 2021 IST | Ground Report
bbc anchor wears shorts under a desk  once deepak chaurasia did same

Last year, One such interesting anecdote when Deepak Chaurasia, found a unique way of anchoring in lockdown.

Ground Report | New Delhi: A BBC Anchor has attracted attention after a photo of him seen wearing shorts while reading live news on the channel. In a photo now going viral the man named Shaun Ley was initially seen appearing formal wearing a suit, shirt, and tie when delivering the news.

The news bulletin was rather serious as compared to what is happening in the viral photo as it was about the COVID-19 travel rules and regulations and the situation between Israel and Palestine. The ‘hilarious’ event came as temperatures in London peaked at 28.3C after days of clear skies and an average temperature of 20C.


Shaun Ley BBC anchor

Showcasing a professional appearance in a stylish jacket and tie, 51-year-old presenter Ley thought the rest of her outfit was hidden while he was covering the night’s news, but a wide camera shot showed him wearing shorts under the table.

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This has been the subject of ridicule on social media. A viewer asked, “Is BBC newsreader Shaun Ley keeping his cool by wearing shorts? And if so, were audiences supposed to find out? #bbcnews,” he wrote. Another very accurately pointed out we’re all ones to laugh, as they wrote: ‘It’s only what everyone’s been doing for the past year on their zoom calls!’


Another had noticed Ley’s proclivity for letting the legs air out as they mused last week: ‘Wow. The BBC’s clothing allowance has clearly taken a hit. Late-night presenter Shaun Ley appears to be wearing shorts. What next? Fiona Bruce doing question time in a bikini? Harumph. Harumph.’

जब दीपक चौरसिया को कच्छा पहनकर करनी पड़ी एंकरिंग
Deepak Chaurasia, News Nation anchor

Last year, One such interesting anecdote when Deepak Chaurasia, found a unique way of anchoring in lockdown. He later released the video and said how he suddenly had to do an important interview and he reported this without wearing pants.

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