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BCCI will plant 500 trees for each dot balls in playoffs

10:29 AM May 24, 2023 IST | Ground report
bcci will plant 500 trees for each dot balls in playoffs

In a commendable move towards environmental conservation, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced a noble decision during the ongoing IPL 2023 playoffs. Every time a bowler bowls a point ball, BCCI will undertake the planting of 500 trees across India.

During the IPL 2023 Qualifier 1 match between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Gujarat Titans (GT) at MA Chidambaram Stadium, the announcers displayed a distinctive symbol of a tree. BCCI integrated this symbol into its green initiative, which aims to promote environmental sustainability.


As part of this initiative, for every dot ball thrown in the 2023 IPL playoffs, the Indian cricket board will actively contribute to the planting of 500 trees, emphasizing its commitment to the environment.

Although the BCCI did not make an official pre-match announcement about the initiative, live commentary during the IPL match revealed an exciting development. The official broadcasters of the league creatively displayed a tree emoji on the scorecard instead of a point ball, signaling an important environmental initiative.


Known as 'Green Dot Balls,' this sustainability initiative introduced by the BCCI aims to plant 500 trees for every dot ball thrown in every playoff game. Mentioning the broadcasters of this green effort during live commentary raised awareness and showcased BCCI's commitment to conserving the environment through the power of cricket.


Where will BCCI plant these trees?

BCCI will carry out the tree planting campaign at various locations in India, though they have not disclosed the specific areas. It can be inferred that the BCCI aims to distribute trees widely, covering different regions of the country. The approach maximises the environmental impact, benefiting different ecosystems and communities.


Although we currently do not have specific details on locations, timing, and logistics, BCCI is committed to actively executing this tree-planting initiative.


RCB's 'Green Game' in 2011

The concept of promoting a greener and cleaner environment through cricket is not new to the IPL. In 2011, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) introduced the 'Green Game' concept. During one of their home games, RCB wear special green jerseys to raise awareness of environmental conservation.

Regarding the Qualifier 1 match, the winner will secure a direct place in the final of IPL 2023. Meanwhile, the losing team will face the winner of the Eliminator match between the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) and the Mumbai Indians (MI) in the Qualifier 2. The winner of Qualifier 2 will earn a place in the final, which will take place on Sunday.

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