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Bihar government's comprehensive Action plan to curb air pollution

11:15 AM May 02, 2023 IST | Apoorva
bihar government s comprehensive action plan to curb air pollution

Air pollution is a grave environmental and public health concern in India, and the state of Bihar is no exception. In a bid to improve the air quality in the state, the Bihar State Pollution Control Board (BSPCB) has devised a comprehensive action plan that focuses on reducing air pollution from various sources. This article will delve into the BSPCB’s action plan, its strategies, and the potential impact of the plan on the environment and public health.

Industrial Pollution: Regulating and Promoting Cleaner Technologies

Industries are one of the significant contributors to air pollution in Bihar. The BSPCB’s action plan focuses on implementing stringent regulations to monitor and control industrial emissions. The plan also seeks to promote the adoption of cleaner technologies and practices by industries. The BSPCB aims to achieve this by creating awareness among the industries and encouraging them to switch to greener technologies. The plan also includes incentives for industries that adopt cleaner technologies and practices.


Vehicular Pollution: Strengthening Emission Norms and Encouraging Electric Vehicles

The increase in the number of vehicles on the roads is another significant contributor to air pollution in Bihar. The BSPCB’s action plan includes measures to control vehicular emissions, such as


  • implementing stricter emission norms for vehicles,
  • promoting the use of electric vehicles, and
  • improving public transport infrastructure.

The plan aims to achieve this by collaborating with government agencies, automobile manufacturers, and public transport operators.

Open Burning of Waste: Creating Awareness and Promoting Waste-to-Energy Technologies

The open burning of waste is a common practice in Bihar, contributing significantly to air pollution. The BSPCB’s action plan includes measures to discourage the open burning of waste by creating awareness among the public about the harmful effects of burning waste. The plan also promotes the use of waste-to-energy technologies to dispose of waste. The BSPCB aims to achieve this by collaborating with local governments, waste management companies, and civil society groups.


Monitoring and Disseminating Real-Time Air Quality Data

The BSPCB’s action plan is not just limited to reducing air pollution from various sources but also includes monitoring air quality and disseminating real-time air quality data to the public. The BSPCB has established air quality monitoring stations across the state and plans to install more such stations in the future. The public can access the air quality data through the BSPCB’s website and mobile application.


The BSPCB’s action plan is a collaborative effort that involves various stakeholders, including government agencies, industry representatives, and civil society groups. If implemented effectively, the plan has the potential to significantly reduce air pollution in the state of Bihar. It is crucial for everyone to take responsibility and work together towards a cleaner and healthier environment for ourselves and future generations.

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