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BJP leader Subramanian Swamy again targets his own govt over China dispute

10:36 AM Feb 17, 2021 IST | Ground report
bjp leader subramanian swamy again targets his own govt over china dispute

BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has once again targeted the Modi government over China.

Swami tweeted and said, ‘A puzzle that remains to be solved.’ First the Foreign Ministry of India said that Chinese soldiers never crossed the Line of Actual Control and entered Indian territory. Now the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that the government has got military success and Chinese soldiers are withdrawing from Indian territory. Can both things be correct?”


Even earlier, Subramanian Swamy had criticized the Modi government’s agreement with China. Swamy tweeted a tweet by defense expert Brahma Chellani in which Chellani has questioned Rajnath Singh’s statement.

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The tweet states, ‘India is retreating from the Kailash range. The Pangong northern area has been converted into a buffer zone, where Indian soldiers used to patrol first. And on the other hand, the government is saying in Parliament that India has not lost anything.


In a tweet dated February 13, Swamy had said, ‘In 2020, the PM said that ‘nobody came, nobody went,’ China liked it so much. But this was not true. Later, India’s army chief General Narwane asked his troops to cross the LAC and took Pangong Hill under their control. Now we are retreating from there. But why are Chinese soldiers not retreating from Depsang? A great deal for China.


Earlier China has destroyed its helipad and temporary jetty built on Finger 5 near the Line of Actual Control between India and China in eastern Ladakh.


According to a report published in the Times of India , after the tension between India and China increased last year, China built a helipad and temporary jetty on Finger 5 near the northern shore of Pangong Tso Lake. Also fortifications were being made for the army.


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But now China is destroying these structures under the process of military disengagement.

Recently, the two countries had agreed to start the disengagement process in Pangong Tso from February 10. Under this, both sides have to destroy all the structures built in the finger area near the Line of Actual Control after April last year and the forces should return to their old positions.

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As per the disengagement process, the Chinese army is returning from Finger 8, north of Pangong Tso, towards Sreejap plane in the east, while the Indian soldier is returning west towards Dhan Singh Thapa post between Finger 2 and Finger 3.

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