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Campaign on social media to rename Gyanvapi Mosque as Temple on Google Map

03:35 PM May 24, 2022 IST | Ground report
campaign on social media to rename gyanvapi mosque as temple on google map

In wake of the Gyanvapi Mosque controversy, Thousands of posts have been doing the rounds across social media platforms in recent days to rename Gyanvapi Masjid to Gyanvapi Templ on Google Maps.

The New Horizon Public School led the Hindu-Muslim distinction in the official letterpad. In an email sent by the school administration addressing the issue as ‘Hindu brothers and sisters’, it was suggested that the mosque should be replaced by a ‘mandir’ instead of a ‘mandir’ as requested by the Hindutva forces.


“Please update on Google map as a Gyanvapi Temple instead of gyanvapi mosque. You are requested to do it and ask our Hindu brothers and sisters to do it till google update this changes. Please open the google map. Search for Gyanvapi Temple but you will see it as gyanvapi mosque. Touch on/Click on – Suggest edit. Touch on – Change name or other details. write as “Gyanvapi Temple” and mention as “Hindu Temple”, read the email sent in bulk, addressing every recipient by their names.

‘Do your part edit Gyanvapi Mosque as Gyanvapi Mandir (temple) on Google Maps..’ reads a Facebook post by a page named ‘Kiran Kamlesh Tiwari that has more than 50k followers

Bengaluru school Gyanvapi Temple

The incident came after several alumni released a screenshot of the e-mail. Preeti Krishnamurthy, an alumnus, quoted activist Martin Luther King, Jr. as saying that teaching children how to think or what to think is a big difference between them.

Another former student Karthika Namboothiri said she was ashamed of the school.

Bengaluru school Gyanvapi Temple

The educational group New Horizon had previously donated to the Ram Mandir Trust, held a bhoomi poojan ceremony at the school to mark the opening of Ram Mandir, and also made its staff attend a compulsory screening of The Kashmir Files.

After the school received backlash from some students over Gyanvapi’s email, the NHPS subsequently posted a statement on its Instagram page addressing the issue.


As a school with an imposing history of over 50 years in the field of education, we have and continue to strive to impart holistic education to our students allowing them the freedom to make their own decisions. We’re an institution that embraces diversity and fosters a safe and inclusive environment for our students. That said, reports of the email sent out about disrespecting certain religious sentiments have come to our notice and the issue is being handled with the highest priority. We wish to clarify that the email was sent without proper screening procedures that is required of all our email communications. We take pride in the cultural and religious diversity of India, we practice the same in letter and spirit every day with everything we do at our school. (New Horizon Public School)

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