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Climate activist disrupts traffic in Hamburg to highlight climate crisis

02:27 PM Apr 07, 2023 IST | Ground report
climate activist disrupts traffic in hamburg to highlight climate crisis

Officials in Hamburg reported that three roads were simultaneously blocked on Thursday morning, beginning with the obstruction of the primary tunnel under the Elbe River. Despite attempts by an activist to adhere to the road, police intervened and removed the individual.

The climate change organization justified their actions, stating that ‘it is necessary to apply the emergency brake, as continuing on our current path is causing our demise.’


According to the report of Deutsche Welle, after the incident in Hamburg where three roads were blocked, police have reopened the Elbe tunnel and Elbe bridges. However, there was severe traffic congestion for several kilometers. By early Thursday afternoon, police confirmed that the clean-up and deployment activities at the Elbe tunnel were completed.


One of the blocked roads heading north towards Flensburg and Kiel was obstructed by a truck. Police had to fence off the entire road to remove the vehicle.

Who are Last Generation

The activist group known as ‘Last Generation’ (or ‘Letzte Generation’ in German) aims to bring attention to the urgent issue of climate change through acts of civil disobedience. They seek to create maximum disruption and generate as much exposure as possible.

Their tactics have included gluing themselves to roads or public buildings, as well as, in 2022, throwing food or liquid on well-known artworks in museums.

The Last Generation movement has organized protests, rallies, and other events to raise awareness about climate change and to put pressure on governments and corporations to take action to address the problem. They advocate for policies and initiatives that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect natural habitats, and transition to a more sustainable and equitable society.

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