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Are there any additional changes or updates expected to the corporate tax law in the UAE in the future?

02:43 PM Mar 23, 2023 IST | Ground report
are there any additional changes or updates expected to the corporate tax law in the uae in the future

With the emergence of the new corporate Tax Law On December 9, 2022, Dubai, UAE is no more a corporate tax-free country. the Federal Tax Authority (‘FTA’) released Federal Decree-Law No. 47 of 2022 on the Taxation of Corporations and Businesses (the ‘CT Law’). The UAE’s most important federal tax law is the Corporate Tax Law, which changes a lot of what people thought they knew about taxes. The CT Law will be in effect for any fiscal year that starts on or after June 1, 2023. It is based on well-known international tax principles and includes them.

Expected New Changes in UAE Corporate Tax Law

It is uncertain to predict any new laws or changes in the UAE’s corporation tax code will be updated or changed in the future. However, the UAE government has been making efforts to improve tax transparency and conformity with international tax norms in recent years, so it’s likely that the tax laws will be updated or changed in the future to reflect these initiatives. For the most recent and accurate information on UAE tax rules and regulations, it is always wise to seek the advice of a knowledgeable tax professional or authority.


If you own or manage a company in the United Arab Emirates, you should never miss a corporate tax legislation update. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has taken measures in recent years to promote openness and conformity with international tax standards, including the introduction of a new corporate tax law that is scheduled to take effect in 2022. Here is where the expertise of a Dubai tax consultant like Corporate tax UAE comes in handy.

New Corporate Tax Law and Services Of A Professional Tax Consultant

A Dubai tax consultant is a trained expert in the tax policies of the United Arab Emirates. They are well-versed in the intricacies of tax law and can assist firms in keeping abreast of legislative developments.


A Dubai tax consultant may assist firms to optimize their tax situation and decrease their tax liability through both compliance and strategic tax planning advice. Finding ways to reduce one’s taxable income includes investigating potential tax write-offs, making the most of available tax credits and incentives, and so on.

A Dubai tax consultant may also help firms prepare for and respond to tax audits and inquiries in a timely and effective manner.


Benefit Of Hiring A Tax Consultant in Dubai

Companies based in Dubai can benefit greatly from the advice of a tax consultant when it comes to complying with the city’s new corporate tax regulations. Some of the ways in which a tax consultant might be useful are as follows:

1.   Understanding The New Tax Law

Business owners might benefit from the advice of a tax adviser while trying to wrap their heads around Dubai’s new corporate tax law. They can offer guidance on how to compute the tax owed, what industries and activities are excluded, and what the legislation entails in terms of penalties for noncompliance.


The Federal Tax Authority of the United Arab Emirates (FAT) should be consulted on a frequent basis to stay abreast of any changes made to the UAE’s tax rules and regulations. Businesses in the UAE need to be aware of the ever-evolving tax scene, and these organizations may be able to help by providing tools and information to ensure they are always in compliance.

2.   Play a Crucial Role in Compliance With New Tax Laws

The new law allows for a variety of exemptions and deductions, and a tax expert may help businesses take full advantage of them through careful tax planning. They can also offer advice on how to arrange business affairs so as to minimize tax liability.

A tax consultant can help firms in Dubai make the most of the new corporate tax law by improving their knowledge of the law, their ability to comply with it, and the efficiency with which they pay their taxes. Businesses can reduce their tax burden in Dubai by working with an experienced tax professional

Can Resolve Tax Disputes in the Proper Way

A tax expert can help resolve a tax dispute if your company is involved in one. This entails acting on the company’s behalf in discussions with tax authorities and offering advice throughout any appeals process.

Consultation with a qualified Dubai tax professional is one option for keeping abreast of changes. A professional tax consultant may help your company minimize its tax liability and optimize its tax position by providing insights and advice on any changes or revisions to the tax rules and providing strategic tax planning advice.

Final Thought

In conclusion, it is crucial for companies operating in the UAE to keep abreast of developments in the country’s corporate tax law. A tax consultant in Dubai is an invaluable resource, as they can advise on strategic tax planning, assist with tax audits and investigations, and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. Get in touch with a trusted Dubai tax professional right away to find out how they can aid your company in navigating the UAE’s convoluted tax system.

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