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Countries where gay conversion therapy is banned

08:46 PM Jan 27, 2022 IST | Aroosa Reshi
countries where gay conversion therapy is banned

Ground Report | New Delhi: Countries where gay conversion is banned; Conversion therapies or sexual conversion practices promise to change people’s sexual orientation, something that is not only impossible but also an abuse of human rights.

As has been documented, conversion therapies use methods of torture, physical and psychological violence to ‘convince’ inmates of their true ‘preference’.


The group of experts of the United Nations Organization (UN) said in 2015 that the supposed ‘therapies’ that seek to ‘modify’ the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBTI youth are unethical, without scientific bases and ineffective, in addition, to be able to come to torture.

Countries where gay conversion is banned

1. Australia


In one state in Australia, Victoria, gay conversion therapy has been banned since February 2017.


2. Brazil


They banned conversion therapy in 1999, it was the first country in the world to do so.


3. Chinese

Due to brutal and extreme conversion methods including torture, forced internment, electroshock therapy, and sexual violence, conversion therapy became illegal in China.

4. Ecuador

No law explicitly defines that conversion therapy is prohibited in the country, but it is included in the 1999 law that prohibits discrimination against homosexuals.

5. South Africa

There have been incidents in which murder, child abuse and assault in conversion therapy processes have led to a definitive ban in this country.

6. Spain

Conversion therapy was banned in the autonomous communities of Madrid and Valencia.

7. Taiwan

On May 13, 2016, the Taichung City Government Health Office requested all medical institutions in Taichung not to participate in conversion therapy. It’s something.

8. United States

A conversion therapy bill is still pending in Washington that would bar health professionals from trying to convert a minor’s sexuality.

9. United Kingdom

The UK government plans to ban so-called gay conversion therapy as part of an effort to counter intolerance and discrimination.

10. Other countries

Meanwhile, a large number of countries are still unclear on how to ban conversion therapy, including Argentina, Fiji and Samoa, as these countries do ban conversion therapy but ban any medical diagnosis based solely on a person’s sexual orientation.

Canada, for example, does not prohibit people from undergoing the conversion therapy process, but almost half of the population lives in regions with local laws that prohibit the practice.

In India, the Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) issued a statement calling for a ban on conversion therapy, but nothing has been issued from the government so far.

Finally, Ireland and Lebanon also fall into the same category as they oppose the therapy, but no official announcement has been made to the government.

Also in 2016, Switzerland implemented a ban that the Federal Council can determine to be criminal.

In 2019, Germany banned conversion therapy for minors, as well as protecting adults who undergo conversion therapy from force, fraud, or pressure.

Currently, the national governments and parliaments of Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Norway, Denmark, Finland and France are actively considering legislation banning conversion therapy, or are in the process of initiating consultations.

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