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Dalit Granthi assaulted by Upper Caste Sikhs, Urine thrown on face

Hindu Dalit caste people adopted Sikhism because they wanted to achieve social equality, but this did not happen.
11:43 AM Aug 25, 2022 IST | pallavvjain
dalit granthi assaulted by upper caste sikhs  urine thrown on face

Dalit Granthi assaulted: According to the report of Dalit Dastak, there has been an assault with a Scheduled Caste Granthi (Preist) in Malerkotla, Punjab. Some upper caste Sikhs assaulted him, blackened his face and threw urine on Granthi’s face.

The incident took place in a village named Abdullahpur Chuhane in Malerkotla district of Punjab. The name of the Granthi is being told as Hardev Singh.


Dalit Granthi assaulted: What actually happened?

Hardev Singh alleges that his face was blackened and he was forced to drink urine. When he protested, urine was thrown on his face. In his complaint, Hardev Singh has accused five people, out of which two have been arrested. Both of them are brothers and are the Chairman and Treasurer of the Gurdwara Committee.

Case is registered by police under The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.


Who is Granthi?

Sikhism does not have a priest or a priestly class, a practice that was abolished by Guru Gobind Singh. Guru Gobind Singh believed that the priestly class is corrupt and arrogant. In Sikhism there is a custodian of the Guru Granth Sahib called ‘Granthi’.

Caste in Sikhism

Sikhism was started to eliminate casteism, but when the people of Hinduism adopted Sikhism to avoid the caste system, their caste also came along in Sikhism.


Hindu Dalit caste people adopted Sikhism because they wanted to achieve social equality, but this did not happen. In the new religion also, the system of untouchability towards them remained intact.

In Sikhism, Dalits are classified in the same way as in Hinduism.


Till 1920, Dalit Sikhs were not allowed to visit Gurdwaras.

The persecution of Dalit Sikhs at the hands of the dominant Jat Sikhs in the community has continued.

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