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Dalit man beaten up, forced to Lick Spit in Bihar

05:58 PM Dec 13, 2021 IST | Ground report
dalit man beaten up  forced to lick spit in bihar

Ground Report | New Delhi: Dalit man beaten up; A panchayat chief candidate from Bihar’s Aurangabad district, who lost the election, has been arrested for allegedly assaulting two Dalit men.

Dalit man beaten up

According to the report, a video surfaced on social media, in which candidate Balwant Singh is seen abusing two people and punishing them by holding sit-ups by holding their ears. He was seen physically torturing one of them, holding her by the neck and laying her on the ground. He also forced her to spit and lick on the ground.


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In the 40-second video, the suspect, identified as Balwant Singh, can be seen verbally abusing the victim and forcing her to lick her spit. He is also seen punishing other men by doing sit-ups while holding their ears as a way of apologizing for committing crimes.


In the video, as per reports, Balwant can be heard saying that he paid two voters, and they still did not vote for him.


accused arrested

Soon a video of the incident went viral on social media. The District Magistrate and the Superintendent of Police took cognizance of the matter and Balwant Singh was arrested.


“Based on the complaint of two youths, the accused has been arrested. The accused chief was a candidate for the village head election. Chargesheet will be filed against him soon,” said SP Kantesh Mishra.


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Balwant Singh ran in the election. But when he found that he had lost, he blamed the Dalit community for his loss and started beating two people from the community for allegedly not voting for him.

In the video, Singh can be heard saying that he even paid two persons and yet they did not vote for him. According to the election rules, it is illegal to bribe any voter. Furthermore, there is no way to find out which person voted for which candidate or party.

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