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Delhi govt job portal sees spike in registrations as capital opens in June

10:35 AM Jul 04, 2021 IST | Ground Report
delhi govt job portal sees spike in registrations as capital opens in june

Ground Report | New Delhi: Delhi govt job portal sees; About a thousand new job seekers were registered and 300 new jobs were posted daily in the job market in June. The Delhi government had launched the employment market portal last year to connect job seekers and employers.

Persons looking for employment can register themselves on this portal. At the same time, entrepreneurs providing employment also put employment information on this portal.


Delhi govt job portal

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that a total of 34,212 job seekers have been registered in Delhi. Apart from this, 9,522 new recruitments were posted between 1 and 30 June 2021. The contact between job seekers and employers is done 2500 times every day through WhatsApp, phone calls and direct applications.

In the month of June, there have been a total of 75,000 contacts between job seekers and employers.


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In addition, during the lockdown, the employment market portal helped businesses hire employees for delivery and consumer support. Whereas during the unlocking process the jobs have increased again. The employment market has proved to be a one-stop portal for all sections.


According to Sisodia, currently, the maximum number of jobs are in customer support, delivery executive, and sales. There are full-time job as well as part-time and work-from-home job options available on the job market. About 45 percent of posts are available for freshers.

On the other hand, in terms of men and women, a total of 41 percent of jobs are available. Out of which 36 percent jobs are available for men and 23 percent for women.


Job lost due to lockdown

The Delhi government says that it is most concerned about the economic impact of the corona epidemic. Therefore, last year the employment market portal was launched to provide employment opportunities to unemployed youth.

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In the month of June, due to the removal of restrictions imposed in the states regarding Corona, 80 lakh people have got employment again. In the months of April and May, 23 million people were rendered jobless due to the stringent restrictions imposed by the states.

According to the latest data from the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the number of people employed in salaried and non-salaried jobs in India rose to 3832 million by the end of June from 37.54 million recorded in May. (Delhi govt job portal)

The unemployment rate in India still remains a matter of serious concern. Due to the second wave, the unemployment rate in May was 11.9 percent, while in April it was 7.97 percent. The unemployment rate has fallen to 9.17 percent in June.

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