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Dust storm in Delhi, these are the reasons

11:22 AM May 16, 2023 IST | groundreportdesk
dust storm in delhi  these are the reasons

Delhi-NCR experienced a dust storm on Tuesday morning, resulting in reduced visibility and a substantial drop in air quality. Areas like India Gate, Patparganj and Pusa were particularly affected, resulting in a significant increase in the Air Quality Index (AQI).

The dusty conditions prevailing in the region can be attributed to dust storms and the presence of dust particles carried by the cyclonic circulation from the neighbouring state of Rajasthan. These factors have contributed to deteriorating air quality and a hazy atmosphere in Delhi-NCR.


Numerous areas recorded frighteningly high AQI readings, with Pusa, the Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, and Patparganj receiving readings of 999. There were also deteriorating AQI levels in other places, including Mandir Marg (549), Satyawati College (792), RK Puram (872), PGDAV College (964), Anand Vihar (829), and Sri Aurobindo Marg (643).

Air quality is rated as "good" (0–50), "satisfactory" (51–100), "moderate" (10–200), "bad" (20–300), "very bad" (30–400), and "major" (401–500) on the AQI scale


The meteorological bureau, the dust over Delhi is attributed to a prevailing cyclonic circulation in Rajasthan. The cyclonic circulation has caused dust storms and light rain in northern Rajasthan, which subsequently affected the air quality in the Delhi-NCR region.


According to climate and environmental experts, the occurrence of cyclonic circulation over Rajasthan and high temperatures in northwestern India is contributing to the current dust storm phenomenon in Delhi. This is a recurring phenomenon during the summer months, with Delhi often experiencing long-range dust transport from regions like Rajasthan and even Afghanistan.


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