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Lucknow: What is Anjali Yadav Suicide case?

12:51 AM Sep 07, 2022 IST | pallavvjain
lucknow  what is anjali yadav suicide case

Anjali Yadav Suicide case: A specially abled student Anjali Yadav committed suicide at Dr Shakuntala Mishra Rehabilitation University, Lucknow. College students claim that Anjali committed suicide due to harassment by her teachers. Students are protesting against this incident in the university campus. Seeing the anger of the students, a large number of police forces have been deployed.

Anjali Yadav Suicide: What is the whole matter?

The body of Anjali Yadav, who was studying B.Ed in Shakuntala Mishra Rehabilitation University, was found hanging from the fan on September 3. Her friends told that Anjali had returned to the room after having tea with them a while back, till then she was fine. How suddenly she took such a big step is the big question.


According to the report of News 18, the students alleged that Anjali had taken this step after being fed up with the harassment of a teacher named Arjun. They also alleges that the teacher was deliberately harassing Anjali Yadav by failing her in exams.

Students in the university are demanding the arrest of the accused teacher. Till now the police have not registered any case against the accused teacher.


A case has been registered against the students for vandalism and inciting violence in the university.


Students allege that differently-abled students are treated badly in the university. Attempts are made to break morale by failing them.


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