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Drug addict youth raped his mother on Diwali night in UP

10:47 PM Nov 07, 2021 IST | Ground report
drug addict youth raped his mother on diwali night in up

Ground Report | New Delhi: Youth raped his mother; In Ghaziabad, a youth allegedly threatened and raped his mother with a blade on her neck. A youth addicted to alcohol and drugs allegedly threatened to kill his mother if she did not comply with his demand.

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According to the police, the shameful incident took place on Thursday night in a slum of Ghaziabad’s Tilla police station area, in which the accused youth reached his house under the influence of alcohol and raped his mother at knifepoint.

Superintendent of Police Gyanendra Singh, quoting the woman’s complaint, said that the woman working in the house protested against the action of her son, but under the pressure of a knife, her son raped her. 


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Mr Singh said that after being subjected to a ‘disgusting act’, the woman was able to reach the police station and file a complaint against her son, who was arrested the next day.


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After the incident, the woman went to the police and lodged a complaint against her son. The woman said, ‘My husband lives in Rampur district and he is also on drugs. I worked as domestic help and raised my four children. I never thought that my son would rape me.’

The woman said that the accused always keeps a knife and a blade in his mouth. He further added, “He is cruel in nature and tends to quarrel with the local people.” Based on the complaint, the police sent the woman for medical examination and arrested the accused on Friday.

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