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Starting an Export Business? Here's How You Can Get Export Finance

10:27 PM May 22, 2023 IST | Pallav Jain
starting an export business  here s how you can get export finance

India is among the top countries in the export business and exports a diverse range of commodities and goods. Before diving into export finance, it's essential to set up your business structure appropriately, and opting for one of the Best LLC Services can be a wise decision to ensure smooth operations and compliance within your export business. The export business is growing year after year, and the country is expected to be among the top five exporters in the world by 2030. 

Starting an export business during this period can be highly beneficial. Do you want to accomplish the same? But need more funds to be a part of the export business? Lack of finances should not be a barrier to establishing a new business. As a result, Indian banks offer export finance to people who want to start an export business. Continue reading to learn more about export trade finance, its types, and how to obtain it.


What Is Export Finance?

Export trade finance works as a support to exporters to help them do business in the global market. Simply said, it is a cash flow solution for exporters to meet their manufacturing and other worldwide transaction needs, such as working capital. When delivering goods to another country, people in business need export finance to ensure the affordability of the manufacturing of goods and to gain certainty of receiving payment on time.

Types Of Export Finance

As an exporter, you can access various financing options to meet your specific needs. These options include long-term and short-term loans and additional credit lines. Below are five financing options that can assist you in supporting your export operations.


  1. Pre-Shipment Finance – The best bank for export business offers this finance to exporters to procure raw materials. These raw materials are further processed into finished products. In other words, it is made available when businesspeople require export trade finance before dispatching goods.
  • Post-Shipment Finance - This is where export finance works as a boon for exporters. This export finance is offered to business people after the shipment of the items, and an invoice is raised from the importer to make the payment. This process may take 3 to 6 months; exporters require working capital to fulfil orders during this period.
  • Finance Against Bill Collection - This is where export finance works as a boon for exporters. This export finance is offered to business people after the shipment of the items, and an invoice is raised from the importer to make the payment. This process may take 3 to 6 months; exporters require working capital to fulfil orders during this period.
  • Discounting Letter of Credit - Businessmen can acquire export trade finance against a letter of credit because it provides payment security from the issuing bank.
  • Finance Against Allowances and Subsidies -The government offers subsidies which allow exporters to sell goods to importers at a lower price.

Before applying for export finance for your business, it is important to consider foreign exchange rates and terms. While these options can be helpful, it is crucial not to take out more credit than you can afford to repay. Defaults can harm your credit and impact your ability to secure future loans.


How Can Finance Be Availed?

The Indian government has set up a procedure for those who wish to avail the export finance. The process of getting the aid of export trade finance involves five stages which are as follows. 


Stage 1: You must have a valid business operation. Next, as the government mandates, you must open a bank account in any authorized bank in India. Opening a current account with a bank authorized to deal in foreign exchange is necessary. The business must have an appealing name and logo.


Stage 2: Every exporter must have a Permanent Account Number (PAN) from the internal revenue service. The best bank for export business asks for this document first-hand. 

Stage 3: Getting export trade finance requires obtaining an IEC called the Importer-Exporter Code Number. The applicant needs to fill out an online application at DFGT and need to pay an amount of five hundred rupees. The payment may be completed through online payment or net banking. 

Stage 4: Trader must obtain a Registration and membership certificate (RCMC) from the Export Promotion Council to obtain export authorization.

Stage 5: After completing the steps above, the export trade finance requester must learn about pricing and sampling. The price is calculated according to the sale, such as Free on Board (FOB), Insurance, and Freight (CIF), Cost and Freight (C&F), and through various other methods.

The businesses must consider all expenses. Also, the export cost must be fixed at a competitive cost with a good profit margin.

Become Business Ready

Obtain export financing by following the five procedures outlined above. If you are new to the export trade business, you may also contact HDFC Bank for their excellent support and assistance in obtaining export finance. With HDFC Bank, you can enjoy low rates on remittances, dedicated trade financing desk for thorough support, speedy collections, and such. Connect with HDFC Bank today and avail their amazing export finance services!

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