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Elevated Road Project in Gwalior: Jyotiraditya's dream project

11:32 PM Sep 14, 2022 IST | pallavvjain
elevated road project in gwalior  jyotiraditya s dream project

Read in Hindi | Elevated Road Project in Gwalior: Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia of Gwalior, who joined the BJP after rebelling from the Congress, is bringing the gift of development to the city. On September 15, the foundation stone of 222 km road projects worth Rs 1128 crore will be laid in Gwalior city of Madhya Pradesh.

222 km road projects for Gwalior

  • The elevated four-lane road from IIITM College to Maharani Laxmibai Statue on Swarn Rekha – 6.5 km
  • Pichhore Road (Dabra) – Road between Katare Baba’s Samadhi – Sarnagat Badera (Dabra) – 5 km
  • Chinour-Karhia and Karhia-Bhitarwar road – 33 KM
  • Mihona bypass, Lahar bypass, Daboh bypass, and Bhander bypass- 21 KM 2 Lane road
  • Kurwai-Mungawali-Chanderi section- 104 KM @ Lane road
  • Meghonabara (Kolaras Shivpuri) to Amrod (Mungawali Ashoknagar)- 51 KM road

Among all the roads projects, the project which is most discussed is the elevated road to be built over the Swarn Rekha river in Gwalior. Let us know what this project is and how much Gwalior needs it.


Gwalior Elevated road: A layout

Gwalior Swarn rekha Elevated road project

A brief about elevated road project

  • The 6.5-km elevated road will be constructed on the Swarn Rekha river flowing through the city.
  • This river is about 13.4 km long.
  • The cost of this project has been estimated at Rs 406.35 crore, and central government would be bare the cost of the project.
  • The purpose is to reduce traffic on the main roads of the city. It is estimated that this will reduce the traffic of main roads by 60%.
  • To divert traffic from the main roads, 3 junction loops and 3 point single loops will be constructed. Through which the vehicles will enter the elevated road.
  • This elevated road of 6.5 km will be of four lanes from Laxmibai Samadhi Sthal to IIITM.
  • For this, 195 pillars will be erected on the Swarna Rekha river.

How this will help the people of Gwalior?

  • Due to the construction of an elevated road, people going from Lashkar to Morena-Agra and Bhind road will go on a flyover from Laxmibai Samadhi and will reach the highway after landing on Sharma Farm Road. People coming from Morena, Agra, or Bhind will also be able to avoid the jam by using the elevated road.

This is all in the papers. Projects on Swarn Rekha river/drain have not faired well. The subsequent governments have attempted to revive the river, but all in vain. Earlier, Rs 200 crore have been spent to make the Swarn Rekha river in Gwalior like the Thames river in London. But the condition of the apparent river remains like a drain.

There is also a need of some clarity on how will the elevated roads be achieved on the river, which is not really a river, more like a drain. The environment consequences would be interesting to gauge as well.

In addition, the roads in the city are really bad. Whoever has traveled to city, the first thing they criticise are the maintenance of the roads. All above mentioned projects look promising, particularly the elevated road project. All Gwaliorite can really do is wait for the project to improve their lives.

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