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Jash Modi to represent India at the 'Student Climate & Conservation Congress 2023'

03:07 PM Jun 29, 2023 IST | Ground report
jash modi to represent india at the  student climate   conservation congress 2023

Mumbai, 29th June 2023: Jash Modi, a resident of Mumbai and a 10th standard student (and head boy) of Chatrabhuj Narsee Memorial (CNM) School has been bestowed with the prestigious opportunity to represent the country as a member of the Indian Delegation Team at the esteemed Student Climate & Conservation Congress (Sc3) 2023 Cohort from 9th to 15th July at the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) - the premier environmental training facility of the U.S. Department of the Interior and the heart of climate and conservation, located on a state-of-the-art campus overlooking the Potomac River.

The remarkable event, organized by the Green Schools Alliance (GSA), aims to empower young leaders to address the critical challenges of climate change and conservation. By bringing together students from across the globe, the Sc3 program fosters the development of effective leadership skills and endeavors to tackle pressing environmental issues of our time.


"We are immensely proud of Jash Modi for his extraordinary accomplishment of being chosen to represent our school and the nation at the Student Climate & Conservation Congress," expressed Ms Kavita Sanghvi, Principal of SVKM's CNM School. "His selection not only showcases his unwavering commitment to environmental conservation but also reflects our institution's steadfast dedication to nurturing responsible Global Citizens."

The Green Schools Alliance stands as a globally recognized organization dedicated to connecting and empowering students worldwide, fostering their leadership roles in propelling the transition toward a sustainable and climate-resilient future. The Sc3 program equips students with the essential knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to confront the challenges posed by climate change and conservation effectively.


Jash's enthusiastic participation in the IUCN WildRoots Youth Climate & Conservation Fellowship Program, coupled with his relentless efforts to inspire and educate his peers, garnered recognition from the Green Schools Alliance and played a pivotal role in his selection for the program. Through his participation in the program, Jash will have the invaluable opportunity to enhance his learning outcomes and build upon his previous fellowship experiences.

Jash's selection stands as a moment of great pride for Chatrabhuj Narsee Memorial School, underscoring the institution's steadfast commitment to instilling environmental awareness among students and nurturing responsible leaders. Undoubtedly, Jash's journey through the program will contribute significantly to his personal growth and inspire his fellow students, motivating them to become catalysts of change within their communities.


What is Student Climate & Conservation Congress?

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