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Everyone on train filming woman being raped, no one called 911 why?

11:39 AM Oct 20, 2021 IST | Ground report
everyone on train filming woman being raped  no one called 911 why

Ground Report | New Delhi: woman Raped in train; None of the train users contacted the emergency number when the woman was being assaulted. None intervened, and none bothered to alert the police or the emergency services. A woman was raped last week on a suburban train near Philadelphia, while other passengers stared at the scene, US police said, as reported by the New York Times.

woman Raped in train

Authorities said Fiston Ngoy, 35, harassed the woman, held her, and eventually raped her as fellow passengers watched the assault through more than two dozen train stops. Police believe that no one called the officers, although they are investigating whether any witnesses may have recorded the incident.


SEPTA Police Chief Thomas J. Nestel said at a news conference that transit officers for the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority stopped Ngoy at a train stop, and found him in the middle of their attack.

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‘When the doors opened, an officer entered and saw what he believed was a criminal act,’ Nestle said. ‘She ripped off the man and dragged him onto the stage.’


Eight minutes without any action from other passengers

The victim then pushed him back several times and tried to prevent him from touching her. ‘Unfortunately he started to take off her clothes,’ added Andrew Busch. The assault lasted nearly eight minutes without any of the train passengers intervening to stop it.


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‘I am appalled that none of these people did anything to help this woman,’ said Timothy Bernhardt, police commissioner at Upper, Pa., ‘Every person on board this Sunday. train must look at herself in the mirror and ask herself why she did not intervene or why she did not act ‘.

The policeman, while explaining that there were not either ‘a dozen’ people on board the train, added that there were enough people so that ‘collectively, they can intervene to do something. ‘. Timothy Bernhardt also said that several investigators have received information that passengers filmed the scene, but that the police are unable to confirm this information.

The incarcerated suspect

It was only when one of the SEPTA employees – warned by the video surveillance present in the train – got on board that the emergency services were contacted. A police officer then intervened and arrested the suspect before imprisoning him.

The victim, after being heard about his assault, was taken to hospital.

‘What this woman endured because of this guy and what she was able to give us as information right after, it is unimaginable,’ continued the police commissioner.

Fiston Ngoy was indicted in particular for rape and sexual assault. Unable to pay his $ 180,000 bail, he was remanded in the Delaware County Jail.

There was no call to 911 in Philadelphia. Nestel said police are still waiting for Delaware County 911, which covers the last two train stops, to determine if they have received any calls.

Investigators said in the affidavit that Ngoy sat next to the woman about a minute after boarding the wagon, shortly after 9:15 p.m.  Bernhardt said officers arrived at the 69th Street terminal on the Market-Frankford line, SEPTA’s busiest route, around 10 p.m.

According to court documents, the woman told police that Ngoy ignored her calls to leave. Ngoy claimed in his statement to police that he knew the victim but did not remember his name and said the meeting was consensual.

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