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Food stall run by transgenders in Chennai

03:22 PM Jan 12, 2022 IST | Ground Report
food stall run by transgenders in chennai

Ground Report | New Delhi: Food stall run by transgenders; A Twitter user has raised the issue of discrimination against a transgender woman in Chennai. Highlighting one such incident, Shalin Maria Lawrence, a Twitter user shared a post about a stall run by a transgender.

Food stall run by transgenders

A writer and social activist, Shalin Maria Lawrence claim that the stall owned by Shaina Banu is being discriminated against. She requested fellow users on the micro-blogging website to spread the word and support the owner.


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In her Tweet, she said ‘This food stall is run by transgender friend Shaina Banu near the second gate of the Madras school of social work in Egmore. The stall is being discriminated and people are not visiting much as it is run by transgenders. Request twitter fam to support the cause spread the word.


As per a follow-up tweet, the woman runs a food stall near the second gate of the Madras School of Social Work in Egmore, Chennai, and was inaugurated in March 2021.


One of the users made a regressive comment about people being confused by the name Transgender Tasty Hut, suggesting that it would be catering only to transgenders.

The user wrote ‘Just wanted to ask, why write transgender in front of the shop? Might create confusion as to whether the shop is only for transgenders. What’s the need for that? Let the name be like every other shop.

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However, Lawrence gave the user a befitting reply, If you name a shop as ‘Kumar food hut’, does that mean it is only for Kumars?

Another user wrote ‘Why not write transgender?!? If people can write the name of their communities, Bengalis, Madeas tiffin, etc, why can’t a transgender person proudly proclaim their identity in their store?! Kentucky Fried Chicken isn’t only for people in Kentucky’

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