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Four of Dalit family killed, daughter gang-raped in Prayagraj

01:58 PM Nov 27, 2021 IST | Ground report
four of dalit family killed  daughter gang raped in prayagraj

Ground Report | New Delhi: Four of Dalit family killed; Four members of the same family were found dead in their house of Dalit caste in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj on the morning of Thursday 25 November. Relatives of the family have condemned that the 16-year-old girl, who was among the dead, was raped before the murder.

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Four of Dalit family killed

According to reports, the victims were attacked and murdered with an axe, with the teenager allegedly gang-raped before the murder. The incident came to light on Friday when locals started protests in the area accusing the police of negligence and politicians visited the victims’ village.

The bodies of Phulchandra Saroj aka Phule 50, his wife Meenu Devi, 45, and their son Shiv, 10, were reportedly found lying on cots in the yard, while the body of their daughter Sapna, 17, was found in the interior room of the building.


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A relative of the victim referred to the land dispute in a written complaint to the police and alleged that members of an upper-caste family had made physical and verbal threats to the Dalit family in the past. But local residents alleged that the family had approached the local police station to register an FIR, but were refused.


political leaders demands strict action

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who met the families of the victims, said the family ‘fears that they may face harassment again’. Gandhi told the media that the women of the family were mocked by the police when they went in search of help, and accused the administration of negligence and apathy towards Dalits, ‘What happened to Arun Valmiki in Agra, what happened in Hathras And what happened. is happening here? If Dalits are being harassed continuously, then what is the point of celebrating Constitution Day?” She said that since 2019, the government machinery is giving security to the goons.

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president Mayawati on Saturday termed as shameful the recent murder of four members of a Dalit family in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj and blamed the poor law and order situation under the BJP government for the incident.

In a series of tweets in Hindi, the BSP chief said, ‘Recently the killing of four people of a Dalit family in Prayagraj, UP is very sad and shameful. This incident also shows the poor law and order of the government. It seems That BJP is following the footsteps of the SP government in this matter as well.’

In a related tweet, she said, ‘Following this incident, the BSP delegation led by Babulal Bhanwara, who reached there, said that ‘Dabangs’ (gangsters) are terrorizing people in Prayagraj which led to the murder.’

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