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Here are Positive climate news of the week

05:54 PM Mar 20, 2023 IST | Ground Report
here are positive climate news of the week

As green journalists, we often encounter terms such as eco-anxiety, climate doom, and environmental existential dread, which can be overwhelming. Despite the numerous concerns surrounding the climate and nature crises, we must not lose hope, as hopelessness leads to apathy.

This article will be updated regularly with the latest good news. If you find a great positive story that we haven’t covered here, please reach out to us on social media, be it Instagram or Twitter to share your thoughts.


Positive environmental stories from March 2023

Robot Collects 21,000 Plastic Bottles Daily in Water

Richard Hardiman, the founder of Ran Marine, was motivated to create a water-cleaning robot after witnessing two individuals struggling to collect garbage from their boat in Cape Town, South Africa. He observed their efforts being hampered by wind and deemed it to be inefficient.

To address this issue, Hardiman took inspiration from the whale shark’s wide mouth, which collects whatever is in its path.


His company developed the WasteShark, an autonomous device that functions as a ‘Roomba for water,’ gathering surface-level pollution, including plastic, debris, and algae.

World First: Solar Panels Between Railway Tracks Possible

Sun-Ways, a European startup, has developed a mechanical system to deploy detachable solar panels along railway tracks, potentially covering half of all railway lines globally.


The co-founder, Baptiste Danichert, claims that the area between railway lines is wide enough to fit standard-sized solar panels without obstructing train traffic.

The solar panels, pre-assembled in Switzerland, are one meter-wide and securely attached to the rails using a piston mechanism.


A train from Swiss track upkeep company Scheuchzer installs the panels automatically, laying them out along the rail track ‘like an unrolling carpet.’ While other companies are testing photovoltaic components on railroad sleepers, Sun-Ways’ innovation is unique.

US to limit toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the USA has suggested setting the initial federal restrictions on toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water, which are hazardous even in minute, undetectable quantities.

This move is anticipated to protect countless lives and avert severe health issues such as cancer.

Australian Scientists Discover Potential Solution for Recycling Dead Solar Panels

The researchers at Deakin University in Australia have created a thermal and chemical process to extract silicon from outdated solar panels.

Lotus Energy’s CEO, Anthony Vippond, believes that solar panels should be highly recoverable since they are a renewable and sustainable energy source.

‘US Achieves Record-Breaking 40% of Carbon-Free Energy in 2022

According to the Sustainable Energy in America 2023 Factbook produced by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, carbon-free sources contributed to over 40% of the US’s energy output in 2022, an all-time high.

The majority of this increase comes from wind and solar energy, with nuclear and hydropower remaining stable. Additionally, nearly 982,000 electric vehicles were sold in 2022, marking a 50% increase from the previous year.

Big cat family living ‘tiger-worthy life’ after 15 years in train carriage

In Argentina, four Bengal tigers were rescued from a train carriage on a farm a year ago. The circus had abandoned the two older tigers, considering them no longer useful for performances.

For 15 years, they were confined in a cramped space of only 75 square meters, and the two male cubs, Gustavo and Messi, were born there. The tigers endured extreme temperatures of over 40°C without proper protection.

However, kind locals in San Luis, Argentina, provided them with food, helping them survive. When a local authority inspected their living conditions, they recognized the urgent need for a new home.

Fortunately, the LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa offered a perfect solution. With the aid of a professional team of veterinarians and caretakers, the tigers could have a permanent and more suitable home.

Norwegian city plans car-free future with Europe’s longest cycle tunnel

A new bike and pedestrian route in Norway, connecting Fyllingsdalen to Bergen city center, runs parallel to a light rail tunnel and is set to open soon.

This purpose-built tunnel is not just any tunnel, as it happens to be the longest vehicle-free tunnel in the world. It spans 2.9 kilometers and takes approximately 10 minutes to cycle through, according to Euronews.

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