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History of Jama Masjid Karim’s and legal battle on its title

08:57 AM Jun 01, 2022 IST | Soumya Gupta
history of jama masjid karim’s and legal battle on its title

The Battle of Karim has been in the news for a long now. The matter is about the famous 1913 legacy owned by Karim Hotel Private Limited which is renowned and is loved by the public for its authentic and famous Mughlai food. As stated, the hotel has been running since 1913 and clearly owns the rights to the title “KARIM/KARIM’S/KAREEM” while stating that it is not in any way associated with Dhanani who runs 41 restaurants across India, Dubai, Canada, and Abu Dhabi. 

Kareem vs Karim

Karim filed a lawsuit in February alleging that Dhanani had been using an identical mark to Kareem’s for the eateries, seeking an official order from the court against alleged infringement. It was presented to the court that Karim’s famous Mughlai food comes from their ancestors who were shahi Khanamas or royal cooks for the Mughal empire. 


Considering the Plaintiff is the prior user and adopter of the titles KARIM/KARIM’S/KAREEM the defendant shall note that the advertisements and promotion on social media or otherwise should hold the disclaimer that “No connection with KARIM’S Jama Masjid/Delhi”

However, Justice Singh decided knowingly that Dhanani has 41 restaurant chains and shall not name any of the new hotels or restaurants they might open with the name Kareem to protect the descending rights of the Plaintiff that he had been holding for decades. The court has kept an interim stay on the order till the 8th of August which is the next date of hearing before the court. 


History of Jama Masjid Karim

As per the report of the Hindustan Times, Karim’s legacy follows from the time of Bhadur Shah Zafar as their culinary lineage is attributed to Mohammad Awaiz. The royal chef started teaching his son, Haji Karimuddin culinary skills as the king were once expelled. Around 1911, Karimuddin opened a food stall and within two years earned enough to open a restaurant. The legacy was followed by Haji Nooruddin and his four sons who introduced the world to their special culinary skills and taste. The authentic Jama Masjid outlet is most popular among tourists and locals for its special cuisines such as Nahari, Burra kabab, paya, and qorma.

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