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Deoria: Land dispute kills five members in a family

07:26 PM Oct 02, 2023 IST | B. Mohita
deoria  land dispute kills five members in a family
Deoria: Land dispute kills five members in a family

In a shocking incident, the Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh saw the killing of 5 people from the same family over a land dispute. The incident occurred on Monday in the Fatehpur village of Rudrapur area of the district. 

Allegedly, a land feud had been going on between local gang leader Prem Yadav and Satyaprakash Dubey. As per official accounts, Prem Yadav on Monday morning had gone to Satyapraksh’s home with a peace offering but was attacked by an armed woman, leading to his death.


Act of revenge

When the news of Yadav’s death reached his village, an angry mob of Yadav’s followers bombarded Dubey’s house and killed five members of the latter’s family, including Dubey. As per reports, two people have been arrested and the police are carrying out the investigation. The deceased include Satyaprakash, his wife Kiran, and their three children aged 18, 15 and 10 respectively. The bodies of the deceased have been sent for postmortem investigation.

Police deployed 

Keeping in view the volatile environment in the area, heavy deployment of police has been put in place to restore order. The police account suggests that district panchayat member Premchand Yadav was also murdered by supporters of Satyaprakash Dubey over the same dispute, earlier in the day. 


Taking cognizance of the matter, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath tweeted

The unfortunate incident in Deoria district is extremely sad and condemnable. My condolences are with the bereaved family.


After reaching the spot, ADG/Commissioner/IG has been instructed to take strictest action and district administration officials have been instructed to provide proper treatment to the injured.

The culprits of this incident will not be spared at any cost.


Social media responses to the incident 

The killings happened in response to the land dispute, as officials suggest. But the debate on news of the killings on social media has taken on a caste angle and has attracted the ire of pro-brahmin handles calling the incident as a blatant case of violence against Brahmins, with calls to avenge the deaths of children.

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