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Harassment case: Virali Modi files complaint against Rajiv Oberoi

11:14 AM Oct 11, 2022 IST | Ground Report
harassment case  virali modi files complaint against rajiv oberoi

Disability rights activist and motivational speaker Virali Modi recently shared a post on Twitter that contained screenshots of her alleged conversation with a business tycoon on her social media and he cyber-assaulted her. Now in her latest Tweet, Virali Modi said that She has lodged a complaint against Rajiv Oberoi for falsely impersonating a producer/casting director.

Virali Modi files complaint

She tweeted "UPDATE: I’ve lodged a complaint on @MahaCyber1 against Rajiv Oberoi for falsely impersonating a producer/casting director. He’s been luring women into sleeping with him in exchange for work. Multiple women have come forward but wish to remain anonymous"


Recently Virali Modi shared a post on Twitter, “TW: Sexual Harassment This person posted an ad on Instagram for a casting call regarding a modelling gig for a big brand. He said I was pretty but he wasn’t looking for someone in a wheelchair for that specific modelling gig but he would keep me in mind for future projects.”

Virali, in her social media posts, said that after a couple of months of their first interaction, he had posted another casting call to which she responded. But the man not only insulted her but also sexually harassed her.


Sharing screenshots of the accused's account and her conversation, Modi wrote: “This person posted an announcement on Instagram for casting about a modelling job for a big brand. She said I was pretty, but she wasn't looking for someone in a wheelchair for that specific model job, but she would keep me in mind for future projects."

“A couple of months later, she was back posting for another project. I texted him again, just to remind him of me. She then proceeds to tell me that if it wasn't for my condition, she'd be horny for me. To be honest, I was shocked at the disgusting message from her and scolded him,” she continued.


Is Rajiv Oberoi really a casting director?

Rajiv Oberoi has been posing as a producer and casting director. He has come to light that his entire profile, including his website, is fake. The photo he is using is that of Rahul Nanda.

Each of “Rajiv Oberoi’s” photos on Instagram is Photoshopped or transformed to portray himself as an influential media mogul. Through his “influence”, he is asking women to send him raunchy photos and/or asking them to “commit” to the false promise of work.

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