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How sexual assault accused Rajyavardhan Parmar related to Brij Bhushan Singh

10:03 PM Jun 03, 2023 IST | Ground Report
how sexual assault accused rajyavardhan parmar related to brij bhushan singh

Rajyavardhan Singh Parmar, who is currently facing sexual assault charges, has a connection to Brij Bhushan Singh, a BJP MP. Parmar, the head of the Hindutva group called Maharana Pratap Sena, has been in the spotlight for several controversial statements and his support to Brij Bhushan Singh during a protest by wrestlers.

Following a complaint filed by a woman on 27 May, Parmar was arrested in Ujjain. He has been accused of rape and sexual assault. The incident is said to have occurred on May 26, and police launched an investigation after receiving the woman's complaint the next day.


Parmar's recent arrest stems from a serious allegation made by a woman who accused him of sexually assaulting her at the Uttar Pradesh Bhawan in Delhi. The incident allegedly took place after Parmar lured her to the venue under the pretense of arranging a meeting with union ministers for her film project.

The arrest raised questions about how Parmar managed to secure a room in the prestigious guest house, typically reserved for bureaucrats and ministers. Parmar has been residing at Vithalbhai Patel House in Lutyens Delhi, which is generally allocated to MPs and former MPs, with the approval of the Lok Sabha Secretariat.


Who is Rajyavardhan Parmar?

Rajyavardhan Parmar is the national president of an organization known as the Maharana Pratap Sena. He has gained attention through his appearances on various news channels, where he shares controversial and communal comments in support of his team's polarizing agenda.


According to a report by Newslaundry, Parmar claims to have formed the organization in 2014 and officially registered it in 2019.


During his media appearances, Parmar has made extraordinary claims such as claiming the Taj Mahal has Hindu roots, speaking about Qutub Minar on ETV Bharat, advocating for religious education in school curricula on ABP News, supporting Nupur Sharma in India News and criticizing the Congress Party on Republic TV in connection with a controversy surrounding President Droupadi Murmu.

Parmar has been active on Facebook, regularly posting live videos that focus mainly on anti-minority and pro-Hindutva content. He repeatedly asserts that the Ajmer Chishti shrine is actually an Ekling mandir, claims that Qutub Minar is a Vishnu stambh, and suggests that the Taj Mahal is a Teju Mahal. In recent social media posts, he expressed his support for Brij Bhushan Singh and the controversial film The Kerala Story.

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