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India asks China to call troops at Gogra, Hot Spring and Demchok

09:01 AM Feb 21, 2021 IST | Ground report
india asks china to call troops at gogra  hot spring and demchok

India has asked China to quickly withdraw troops at Gogra, Hot Spring and Demchok and insisted that Chinese troops should not stop Indian patrolling in Depsang, so that the eastern Stress can be reduced in Ladakh.

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Nothing has been officially said about the outcome of the tenth round of commander-level talks between India and China. The conversation, which started at 10 am on Saturday, continued till late in the night.


The Times of India has quoted sources as saying that there is no such disagreement between India and China over traversing the Saunikas. There are a handful of soldiers from both countries at the forward positions, who are not even close to each other.

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Sources, however, said there were “no differences as such” between India and China in “completing” the stalled disengagement at patrolling points (PPs) 15 and 17A in the Hot Springs-Gogra-Kongka La area.


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The news has said that the more problematic situation between the two countries is in the strategically important Depsang or Bulg area, which is at an altitude of 16,000 feet, where there has been continuous tension since 2013.


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