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India did not give any territory to China: Ministry of Defense

06:57 PM Feb 12, 2021 IST | Ground report
india did not give any territory to china  ministry of defense

After the allegations of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, on Friday, the Ministry of Defense issued a statement saying that India has not given any territory to China and many differences are still being resolved.

Rahul Gandhi, in a press conference on Friday morning, questioned the agreement on disengagement process between the forces of India and China in Ladakh. He had said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has paid obeisance to China.


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The Congress leader argued that the Indian land on Pangong Lake in Ladakh is up to finger-4 while China has now been given the share of finger-4 to 3. After this statement, the Ministry of Defense has released its statement.

The Ministry has issued a statement saying that the Ministry of Defense has taken cognizance of spreading misleading and false information on the process of disengagement in Pangong Tso on media and social media.


After this, the Ministry has said in its statement that the claim of Finger-4 being Indian territory is wrong.


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According to the news agency PTI, the Ministry of Defense says, ‘Indian territory conforms to the map of India which includes an area of ​​43,000 square kilometers which has been under illegal occupation of China since 1962. Even according to India, the Line of Actual Control. (LAC) is considered up to Finger-8 and not Finger-4. That is why India wants to maintain the right to continue patrolling Finger-8 continuously and this is also included in the current agreement with China.’


The Ministry of Defense has said that permanent posts are established on both sides of the northern shore of Pangong Tso Lake. On the Indian side is Dhan Singh Thapa post which is close to Finger-3 and China is to the east of Finger-8.

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The Defense Ministry stated that ‘the recent agreement prevents both sides from deploying their forces further and will now be stationed at permanent posts. India has not assigned any territory under the agreement. On the contrary, the LAC has been complied with and respected Has gone and prevented any one-way change in status quo.’

The Defense Ministry has said, ‘It is also clear from the statement of the Defense Minister that he has also told about other disputes including Hot Springs, Gogra and Depsang. The process of disengagement in Pangong Tso has been completed. To be picked up after 48 hours of being.’

‘The effective protection of our national interest and region in the East Ladakh sector has been achieved because the government has expressed full confidence in the capability of the military forces. Those who doubt the achievements achieved by the sacrifices of our military personnel are indeed Insulting them.’

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