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why Internet Blockade in Kashmir?

03:42 PM Oct 31, 2021 IST | Khazran Khan
why internet blockade in kashmir

Ground Report | New Delhi: Internet Blockade in Kashmir; Internet services are still curbed in many parts of Srinagar Kashmir. With the ongoing civilian killings, the above step was taken by the government of India to take into account the safety of individuals living there.

As a precautionary measure, it has now become casual for the ministry of state affairs to shut down the internet on and off. But meanwhile, because of the internet blockade, students are facing a lot of problems while pursuing their education.


As it’s been clear that all of the colleges and universities are functioning either on an odd/even basis or with some alternatives to tackle the COVID situation, it has nearly become a “dream come true ” for students to have good internet speed in Kashmir.

students are facing a lot of problems

Many PG and UG students reported the difficulties that they are facing while studying online for their semesters. “We were taught online from past few months and when it comes to examinations, they demand offline mode for the same.


We are left midway with no better mode of studying. If we continue to choose the offline mode, they bring the issue of covid and by chance, if we agree with online mode, internet problem arrives.

This is not only affecting our educational system but will be one of the reasons for slow progress in the development of the country”, said one of the PG students. The government of India should look for an alternative in tackling these situations


and the shutdown on the internet was never and will never be a better option. While the internet is shut down completely, it is sometimes restored for a certain time interval between 11 to 3 and is usually running at a very less rather negligible speed.

Businessman of Kashmir also put forth many issues

Businessman of Kashmir also put forth many issues that are being faced because of the internet shutdown. Their transactions, invoices, orders, and shipment are in a bad phase.


While they somehow manage with the system, the worst affected are the school-going students. (Internet Blockade in Kashmir)

As per the latest advisory issued by the government of India for the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the school has been closed till further notice. Students up to class 10th are wholly and solely dependent on the internet for their online classes.

And when the internet is restricted, they aren’t able to cope up with their studies and timetable. Thus proving very challenging for teachers and management also.

We have tried all the best possible methods

One of the students of the senior school said: “ We don’t know what we’re doing with our education. Our teachers are struggling while teaching us online. We aren’t able to focus when there are glitches or poor connections in videos.

Youtube and other educational sites are not running smoothly. We have tried all the best possible methods for efficient learning, but in the end, it’s all in vain.

And then schools are forcing and pressurising us for examinations. It would have been a lot better to conduct classes offline, keeping in mind the internet issues in many parts of Srinagar.’

Areas like Ellahi Bagh, Eidgah, Chanpora, Saida Kadal, Nowhatta, Karanagar, Natipora, and so on are facing serious issues. Downtown Srinagar is facing an internet shutdown from time to time. 

Government must take look into this matter as soon as possible and resolve it for the betterment of all. Or those in power should claim their failure of not handling responsibilities properly. 

The author is an engineering student and she can be reached at (

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