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Kerala: 19-Year-Old model raped in moving car in Kochi

01:06 PM Nov 19, 2022 IST | greport2018
kerala  19 year old model raped in moving car in kochi

In Kochi, Kerala, a 19-year-old model was allegedly gang-raped in a moving car on Thursday night. Ernakulam police have arrested three men and a woman in connection with the case.

The model reportedly visited a pub near the Cochin Shipyard in Kochi and was drunk. While she was returning, the accused offered to drop her off at her home in Kakkanad, to which the victim agreed.


The model was reportedly intoxicated after visiting a pub near the Cochin Shipyard. She was allegedly gang-raped on the road after the accused offered to drop her off at her home in Kakkanad.

The victim was reportedly later admitted to the Government Medical College Hospital in Kalamasserry due to her injuries.


“The medical evidence suggests that she was injured. After committing the crime, the men left the victim in Kakkanad,’ a senior police officer said.

Ernakulam police arrested three men and a woman in connection with the case after the model’s friend informed the police about the incident. Among the three men, two are from Kodungalloor and one is from Ernakulam.


An FIR has been filed under sections 370 and 376 in connection with the case and the accused have yet to be arrested.

Infopark Police registered a case last night and transferred the injured woman to Kalamassery Medical College. The case was handed over to the Ernakulam South Police Station where the crime reportedly took place. It was the South Police who arrested the four.


Veena George, Minister for Health, Women’s and Child Development, said the incident of a girl being gang-raped in Kochi is shocking.

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