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Know all about Buddha Darya Action front and their demands

02:54 AM Feb 11, 2023 IST | nayanikaphukan
know all about buddha darya action front and their demands

Buddha Darya action front is an organization working to save Buddha Darya and the Sutlej river. The organization on Twitter and Facebook calls out the pollution of Buddha Darya and Sutlej rivers by industries nearby that discharge their waste directly into Buddha Darya. 

According to the action front, many industrial units located nearby or on the banks are either discharging polluted water directly into Buddha Darya or through sewer connections. All the electroplating and dye waste by the industries are being dumped and should be completely shut down, they state.


What is Buddha Darya?

Buddha Darya also known as Buddha Nullah is a seasonal water stream, which runs through the Malwa region of Punjab, India,  it empties into Sutlej River, a tributary of the Indus river after passing through the highly populated Ludhiana district, Punjab, India. The stream has grown to be a significant source of pollution in the area. Furthermore, the Sutlej river as a result picks up pollutants upon approaching the densely populated and industrialized Ludhiana city.


According to the Tribune, residents of the Sutlej adjacent villages have regularly claimed that the groundwater in these rural regions is being contaminated by the hazardous water of the nullah. There have been lots of hepatitis cases recorded in these communities. Officials visited the nullah numerous times in 2014 in response to a complaint against the Punjab Government made to the National Green Tribunal. However, no action was taken to reduce pollution. The project never took off when the state government requested Engineers Limited to compile a report on strategies for reducing pollution, it further states.


Project to rejuvenate Buddha Nullah: Testing begins at newly constructed STP in Ludhiana | Cities News, The Indian Express

The sewage treatment plants (STPs) at Bhattian, Jamalpur, and Balloke were insufficient to handle the entire city’s sewer system. Therefore, the construction of a 225 MLD Jamalpur sewage treatment plant was approved. In 2022, the testing of the newly constructed STP was started. 


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Journey of Ludhiana’s Buddha Nullah now a toxic water body

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