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They forced girls to remove underwear at the NEET exam center in Kollam

07:31 PM Jul 18, 2022 IST | pallavvjain
they forced girls to remove underwear at the neet exam center in kollam

A case of indecency has come to light in the Kollam district of Kerala with the girl students who came to appear for the NEET medical exam. At the exam center, these girl students were even taken off bra and panties in the name of security check. This came to the fore when the father of a girl student complained to the police.

It is being told that during the security check, there was a problem due to the metallic hook of the bra, due to which the female security personnel asked these girls to take off the bra and deposit it. If they protested, the girl students were threatened not to sit in the exam. The students were asked whether their undergarments are more important to them or the exam?


Humiliated and terrified, the student handed the bra to her mother and asked for a shawl to cover herself before entering the exam hall.

This matter came to the fore in Marthoma Institute of Information Technology, Kollam. According to Kollam Police
girl’s parents have filed a complaint.


Girl’s father alleged that ‘several girls were forced to remove their undergarments. Almost 90% of female students had to remove their inners and keep them in a storeroom. The candidates were mentally disturbed while writing the exam, many girls were crying and felt mentally tortured. Many students, were ‘cutting their hooks’ and tying them up. ‘The mental state of these children was disturbed and they could not attend the exam comfortably.’

To prevent cheating in medical exams, there is a lot of strict checking. In this, instructions are given to the students in advance. There is a dress code. But in Kollam, the limit has been crossed in the name of security check.


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