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Andrew Tate's misogynistic quotes and crimes that landed him in jail

01:05 PM Apr 04, 2023 IST | Ground Report
andrew tate s misogynistic quotes and crimes that landed him in jail

Andrew Tate gained notoriety for his brand of male-targeted self-help content, which garnered millions of views on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. However, much of his subject matter has been criticized as controversial, offensive, and downright hateful.

Despite claims that his controversial persona is all an act, Andrew Tate’s legal troubles suggest otherwise. He has faced investigations over allegations of rape and human trafficking.


The situation came to a head on December 29, 2022, when Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested by the Romanian police. They are being held in connection with these complaints, as well as on suspicion of involvement in organized crime.

While some may view Tate’s content as empowering, it’s important to acknowledge the disturbing reality behind his public image.


The Guardian reported in 2022 that Andrew Tate expressed the belief that rape victims should be accountable for being assaulted. Moreover, he has frequently expressed his preference for dating young women aged 18-19 to leave a lasting impression on them.


What did Andrew Tate say about women?

During an interview with another YouTuber, Andrew Tate openly admitted to being a misogynist, stating that being realistic is inherently sexist.


He went on to make disparaging comments about women, labeling them inherently lazy and stating that there is no such thing as an independent woman.


Due to his offensive and bigoted behavior, he was banned by various social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. TikTok specifically cited his misogyny as a hateful ideology that they will not tolerate.

Tate was also banned from Twitter for his statement that women should take responsibility for being sexually assaulted, but he has since been reinstated.

Andrew Tate’s misogynistic quotes

  • “I think the women belong to the man.”
  • “Females are the ultimate status symbol. People think I’m running around with these hoes because I like sex. That’s nothing to do with the reason why I’m running around with these bitches. I got these bitches just so everyone knows who the don is.”
  • “I go out and F and I come back to her and I don’t care about her and I only love my girl. That’s not cheating, that’s exercise.”
  • “I was getting on a plane and I could see through the cockpit that a female was the pilot and I took a picture and I said, ‘most women I know can’t even park a car, why is a woman flying my plane?’ and they banned me.”
  • “I had one girl and she got too drunk one day and she threw up in my apartment. I told her to clean up, she refused. So, I took her stuff and threw it out the window.”
  • “Females are the ultimate status symbol… People think I’m running around with these h*es because I like sex. That’s nothing to do with the reason why I’m running around with these b*tches. I got these b*tches just so everyone knows who the don is.”
  • “Women do certain things and men do certain things. And we live in a world now where the whole idea of the roles has been conflated to the fact where if I come along and say women are better with children and men are better at fighting, that I’m somehow f*cking sexist when it’s clearly true.”

Why was Andrew Tate arrested?

Andrew Tate was arrested in December 2022, along with his brother Tristan, in a suburb of Bucharest, the Romanian capital. The arrest was part of an investigation into allegations of human trafficking and rape, which both deny.

Tate’s spokesman declined to provide details about the allegations, but said they will cooperate with authorities.

Tate has gained fame through numerous videos showing his lavish lifestyle with expensive cars, private jets, and yachts. Shortly before his arrest, he got into a Twitter spat with environmental activist Greta Thunberg, in which he claimed to own 33 cars and threatened to send her a list of her ‘huge emissions.’

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