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Heavy rainfall expected in Assam: Weather alert for next 10 Days

05:12 PM Jun 09, 2023 IST | groundreportdesk
heavy rainfall expected in assam  weather alert for next 10 days

Assam is expected to receive heavy rain in the coming days. According to weather forecasts, the Brahmaputra Valley could experience around 500-600mm of rain in the next 10 days, which is a significant amount. This is much higher than the average precipitation for June.

Last year, Assam faced devastating floods due to excessive rainfall, which caused loss of life and property. The region received the highest rainfall in June in more than a century. Assam's rivers, combined with heavy rainfall and the rapid arrival of water from the Himalayas, contribute to the frequent occurrence of floods. Rivers rise rapidly, burst their banks, and carry large amounts of sediment and debris, further raising water levels.


Despite recurring floods and the availability of information, disaster control authorities in Assam have been criticized for being unprepared. The state has witnessed severe flooding not only in 2022 but also in previous years such as 2019 and 2020.

Certain districts of Assam, such as Kokrajhar and Chirang, receive the highest rainfall during specific months. These districts are prone to flooding, along with Dhemaji, Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Naigon, Lakhimpur, Darrang, Golaghat, Majuli and Kamrup.


Assam weather next 10 days

DateTemperatureWeatherRainfall Chance
Sat 1032°C / 26°CT-Storms66%
Sun 1133°C / 26°CT-Storms61%
Mon 1231°C / 25°CScattered T-Storms59%
Tue 1331°C / 25°CT-Storms67%
Wed 1429°C / 25°CT-Storms83%
Thu 1529°C / 25°CT-Storms78%
Fri 1629°C / 25°CT-Storms68%
Sat 1729°C / 25°CT-Storms60%
Sun 1830°C / 25°CT-Storms60%
Mon 1931°C / 26°CT-Storms60%
Tue 2031°C / 26°CT-Storms60%
Wed 2131°C / 26°CT-Storms60%
Thu 2232°C / 26°CT-Storms60%
Fri 2332°C / 27°CT-Storms60%

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