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Heavy Rains: Mahadev Pani Rescue operation, 16-year-old boy died

02:33 PM Jul 17, 2023 IST | Ground Report
heavy rains  mahadev pani rescue operation  16 year old boy died

More than 50 tourists were stranded at Mahadev Pani waterfall, located 30 km from Madhya Pradesh's capital Bhopal, on Sunday, as the water level rose unexpectedly. Unfortunately, three boys were swept away by the strong current, and although two of them were rescued, 16-year-old Vidhan Sen from Intkheri tragically lost his life. At around 3 pm, Vidhan's lifeless body was discovered one kilometer from the incident site.

Mahadev Pani Rescue operation

An operation to track down the 16-year-old boy, a resident of neighbouring Bhopal, was underway on Monday, Police Deputy Superintendent Amrit Meena said.


He said that the boy had come to visit the waterfall together with his friend, but he disappeared while he was bathing when the water level rose.

Several visitors were trapped on the other side of the waterfall due to a sudden rise in level after heavy rain, Umraoganj police station manager CL Verma said.


Local authorities, including the additional superintendent of police and the Umraoganj police station in charge, launched an operation to find the missing child.

A team from the forest department and National Guard personnel successfully rescued those trapped on the other side of the waterfall due to the sudden rise in water level. Despite rescue efforts, the boy's body was found later that night.


Mahadev Pani Waterfall, a popular rainfed attraction, attracts many visitors for picnics and recreational activities. The district collector has given instructions to put up warning signs and close the waterfall during the monsoon season to prevent such incidents in the future.

Sheikh Kafeel, the in-charge of Umraoganj police station, shared the details of the incident. He mentioned that a group of people, including Vidhan Sen and his friends, had come for a picnic at the Mahadev Pani waterfall. They received information about some tourists being trapped due to the sudden increase in water level.


Rushing to the spot, they found around 25 people at the main waterfall, with several others trapped. The rescue operation was promptly initiated, and all those trapped were successfully rescued.

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