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Dalai lama apologies little boy's family after a video clip goes viral

07:47 PM Apr 10, 2023 IST | sanya raghwa
dalai lama apologies little boy s family after a video clip goes viral

A recent video clip of the Dalai Lama with a kid went viral. The clip showing the Dalai Lama purportedly kissing a boy on his lips created controversy on the internet. 

The spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama was seen kissing a boy’s lips and then asking him to kiss his tongue created a sparking controversy on Twitter. Later he apologized on Twitter. 


Why did Dalai Lama Apologize?

After the video went viral and created an outrage, the Tibetan monk took over his Twitter handle and apologized to the boy, his friends, and his family for doing so. He tweeted “A video clip has been circulating that shows a young boy asking his holiness (Dalai Lama) if he could get a hug.” He further wrote, “His holiness wishes to apologize to the boy, his family, and his friends if his words hurt them. His Holiness often teases people he comes across even in public places before the camera. He regrets this incident”.  

He regrets how his words might have hurt the little boy and his family and all the other people across the world. He says it is his gesture of being playful in an innocent manner.


dalai lama apoligies

The video which went viral shows the Buddhist monk sticking his tongue out and asking the young boy to kiss it. There had been a lot of controversy and conversations going on Twitter. Netizens expressed their hatred and disappointment towards this unethical behavior by the Dalai Lama. 

The comments said-  You didn’t just hug the boy though, you asked him to ‘suck your tongue.’ Why leave that bit out?; The epitome of ‘don’t meet your heroes’. You sick, depraved old man; A hug? It was asking the child to suck his tongue which was disgusting. At least to be honest, this makes it look worse; You’re apologizing for ‘your words’, not to mention that you asked this young boy to first kiss you on the cheek, then on your mouth and finally to suck your tongue beyond disgusting. No apology is sufficient for this criminal behavior; The boy asked for a hug. You asked the boy to suck your tongue. We all heard that. Why is it missing in your ‘apology’? And asking a boy to suck your tongue isn’t ‘playful’ as you have written. Do you feel the pain of how that small boy would be thinking about this?


The netizen found this behavior to be shocking and described this as “filthy”, “creepy” and “repulsive”. 

Similarly back in 2019, he passed a controversial statement that said “If our successors are to be women they should be attractive” for which he again apologized to the public.


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