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Who is Rinku Singh, the new cricket sensation?

01:17 AM Apr 10, 2023 IST | pallavvjain
who is rinku singh  the new cricket sensation

Everyone is talking about KKR’s batter Rinku Singh in this season of IPL. KKR defeated Gujrat Titans because of the remarkable blitzkrieg from the batter Rinku Singh in the last over. He hit 5 consecutive sixes in the last over of Yash Dayal.

Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Gujarat Titans by three wickets, and all this was possible because of Rinku Singh’s brilliant inning.


In this match, Kolkata Knight Riders had to score 29 runs in 6 balls. Rinku Singh made this seemingly impossible match memorable by hitting 5 sixes in 6 balls. Since then only Rinku Singh is being talked about everywhere on social media.


So let’s know who is Rinku Singh, and where did this rising star come from?



Rinku Singh’s Family Background

Riku Singh was born in a middle-class family in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. His father Khanchandra Singh works in an LPG distribution company.


Rinku has 5 siblings in which he is the third. One of his brothers drives an auto rickshaw. His family of 9 members lives in a two-room house near Aligarh Stadium.

Rinku left his studies in ninth grade itself. Rinku only loves cricket and wants to play in the Indian national team one day.

Rinku Singh has played for the Ranji Trophy 9 times from the Uttar Pradesh team. He has represented UP at the Under-16, Under-19, and Under-23 levels.

Overall, Rinku Singh’s family’s monthly income was only Rs 12,000, but his fortunes changed after coming to IPL.


IPL Ticket

In the year 2017, Kings XI Punjab bought Rinku Singh at the base price but he could not play a single match then.

This time KKR bought Rinku for 55 crores. The reason for this is attributed to Rinku scoring 91 runs in 31 balls in a campaign for Mumbai Indians.

Now everybody has come to know Rinku Singh, who won the impossible match with Koltaka Knight Riders, it is expected that he will soon be seen in the Indian national team as well.

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Pallav Jain is co-founder of Ground Report and an independent journalist and visual storyteller based in Madhya Pradesh. He did his PG Diploma in Radio and TV journalism from IIMC 2015-16.


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