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Long lost dead bodies and object re-emerging due to glacier’s melting

01:09 PM Jul 31, 2023 IST | Ground Report
long lost dead bodies and object re emerging due to glacier’s melting

The remains of a German mountaineer, who disappeared while hiking near Switzerland's famous Matterhorn mountain in 1986, have been discovered as glaciers melt, revealing bodies and objects once thought lost.

The grim discovery occurred on July 12 when climbers exploring the Theodul Glacier in Zermatt made the shocking revelation. Through DNA analysis, authorities confirmed the identity of the climber, who had been reported missing at the age of 38 during a hike in September 1986.


Police have not released any further details about the climber's identity or circumstances. of his passing, but posted a photo of a lone hiking boot with red laces sticking out of the snow, which belonged to the missing person.

Matterhorn mountain

The Matterhorn mountain Theodul Glacier, located in the renowned Zermatt ski region, has been witnessing surprising revelations each summer. Last year, the remains of a small plane that crashed in 1968 emerged from the Aletsch Glacier.


In a similar incident, in 2014, the body of missing British climber Jonathan Conville was discovered by a helicopter pilot near the Matterhorn, Switzerland's iconic peak. His family expressed relief at finally finding closure after decades of uncertainty.

Additionally, the bodies of two Japanese climbers, who vanished during a snowstorm in 1970, were also found at the edge of the Matterhorn Glacier a year later.


The impacts of melting ice have extended beyond discoveries of long-missing individuals and artifacts. Notably, the shrinking of glaciers has even caused a change in the border between Switzerland and Italy, affecting the famous Rifugio Guide del Cervino mountain lodge.

Alpine glaciers play a crucial role in Europe's environment, storing winter snow that nourishes vital rivers like the Rhine and Danube, providing essential water resources for agriculture and cooling nuclear power plants.


Rhine water levels declining, melting

In recent years, the Rhine's water levels have dipped alarmingly, causing concerns for cargo barges transporting supplies through European countries. Additionally, the melting snow contributes to the cooling of rivers, sustaining aquatic life.

Glacier experts in Switzerland were alarmed by the significant retreat of glaciers, losing half their volume since 1931. At this alarming rate, experts predict that nearly all alpine glaciers may vanish by the end of the century.


With Switzerland experiencing a hotter and drier June this year, experts are fearful of even greater glacial reduction during the measurements scheduled for August and September.

In 2015, searchers found and confirmed the identities of two young Japanese climbers who went missing on the Matterhorn in a 1970 snowstorm by conducting DNA testing on their relatives.

Almost exactly a year ago, the magnitude of the ice retreat shocked Swiss glacier experts; the glaciers had lost half their volume since 1931, a much faster loss than scientists predicted. At that rate, the end of this century would witness the disappearance of almost all alpine glaciers.

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