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'Reveal names of Republicans secretly using Grindr'

09:28 AM Mar 24, 2023 IST | Ground report
 reveal names of republicans secretly using grindr

Twitter handle Halfway Post wrote in a satirical tweet that ‘breaking news, gay dating app Grindr has said that if Florida does not prevent the passage of homophobic and transphobic laws, they will make public the names of all Republican legislators who secretly use the Grindr.

BREAKING: The gay dating app Grindr says if Florida doesn’t stop passing homophobic and transphobic laws, they’ll reveal every Republican legislator and party official who secretly uses the app.


Tweeted @HalfwayPost

Fact: Grindr has not issued any threats to disclose user data concerning public officials. Although this tweet is satirical, some readers might mistakenly perceive it as factual.


This tweet is viral on social media, some people even accepted it as true, but let us make it clear that this is just a funny tweet. Grindr has not released any such statement.


Although an attempt has been made to give a clear message in this satirical tweet. It has been seen on several occasions that Republican legislators have been supportive of homophobic and transphobic laws, but have been in same-sex relationships in real life. They even attend same-sex marriages of their children but when it comes to making laws for the country, they suddenly become anti-gay and homophobic.


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After this tweet went viral, many people wrote on social media that ‘Grindr should really reveal the names of Republicans who secretly use the Grindr app, this will reveal to the world how hypocrites they are.’

Let us tell you that the Republican Party in America has been against same-sex relationships and is trying to take away the freedom enjoyed by the LGBTQ community in the country. However, the recently passed Gay Marriage Bill in America was supported by 12 Republicans moving away from the party line.

Grindr is a popular gay dating app that has grown in popularity worldwide over the past few years. As far as sharing the names of Republicans who use Grindr is concerned, Grindr takes full care of the privacy of the people, it will not do any work that would reveal the identity of its users without permission.

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