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NTPC coal mines contribute to 148% YoY growth in coal production

01:36 PM May 04, 2023 IST | groundreportdesk
ntpc coal mines contribute to 148  yoy growth in coal production

The National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), India’s largest public sector energy producer under the Union Ministry of Energy, achieved a record production of 2.75 million metric tons (MMT) of coal in April 2023. A significant increase from the 1.11 MMT produced in April 2022, according to a recent press release from the Ministry of Energy.

The 148% coal production growth can be attributed to NTPC’s four operating coal mines: NTPC Pakri-Barwadih (Jharkhand), NTPC Chatti Bariatu (Jharkhand), NTPC Dulanga (Odisha) and NTPC Talaipalli (Chhattisgarh).


In terms of coal supplied to the country, including previous stock, NTPC recorded a dispatch volume of 2.95 MMT in April 2023 compared to 1.23 MMT in April 2022, representing a 140% increase in the volume of coal dispatch with respect to the previous year.

Its four operating coal mines, NTPC Pakri-Barwadih (Jharkhand), NTPC Chatti Bariatu (Jharkhand), NTPC Dulanga (Odisha) and NTPC Talaipalli (Chhattisgarh), experienced 65% growth in coal production, reaching 23.2 million tons in FY23, up from 14.02 million tons a year earlier.


Implementation of digitization initiatives by NTPC coal mining teams has contributed to increased operational excellence, safety, and implementation of e-SMP, a digitized safety management plan, and a mobile safety app called Sachetan. The installed capacity of the NTPC Group is 71,644MW.


NTPC, India’s largest power producer with a group installed capacity of 71,644 MW, has made significant progress in coal production through its focus on digitalization and innovation. The company’s efforts have not only led to impressive growth in production, but have also ensured safety in mining operations.


NTPC’s unwavering commitment to safety and increased production has further cemented its position as a key player in the Indian power generation industry.


India’s power generation and coal production

A Reuters analysis indicates that India’s power generation grew at its fastest pace in more than three decades last fiscal year, due to heatwaves and a post-Covid economic rebound.

The report highlighted an 11.2% increase in coal production from fossil sources, the fastest growth rate seen in the last thirty years.

India aims to increase coal production to 1.2 billion tonnes by 2023-24 using revenue-generating mechanisms such as one-stop licensing, mobile auctions and revenue sharing, according to the Union Coal Minister’s written response, Pralhad Joshi, in Lok Sabha.

However, as of December 2022, 5.86 of the 210.6 GW coal and lignite-based thermal power plants are out of operation due to the absence of Power Purchase Agreements and other reasons, as indicated in a written response from the MNRE minister.

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