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Denied ambulance, father takes daughter's body home on bike

02:12 PM May 17, 2023 IST | groundreportdesk
denied ambulance  father takes daughter s body home on bike

In an unfortunate incident in Shahdol, a tribal man was forced to transport the lifeless body of his daughter on a bicycle after the hospital administration reportedly refused to provide her with an ambulance on Monday.

However, upon receiving the news, Shahdol collector Vandana Vaidya intervened and stopped the man's journey, ensuring that an ambulance was immediately arranged to transport the deceased's body.


Laxman Singh, a resident of Kota village in Madhya Pradesh, shared the harrowing details of the incident. He revealed that his daughter, Madhuri, tragically passed away from sickle cell disease on Monday night. When Laxman asked the hospital authorities for a vehicle to transport the body of his daughter, he was informed that the vehicles were only available for distances of 15 km.

Laxman Singh Gaud, Madhuri's father, expressed his distress over the situation, stating that when they requested a hearse at the hospital, they were informed that it would only be available for distances within 15 km. With limited funds, they were left with no choice but to transport the body of her daughter on a bicycle.


However, upon receiving information about the incident, the collector Vandana Vaidya stepped in and personally addressed the matter.


She instructed the civil surgeon, Dr. GS Parihar, to immediately provide a vehicle for the transport of the deceased. Dr. Parihar quickly arrived at the scene and arranged a hearse for the victim's family, which facilitated their journey back to his village. The collector also extended financial assistance to the bereaved family.


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