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Ayesha Fatima or Ayesha Makrani, Who is real UPSC topper from Dewas?

10:22 AM May 29, 2023 IST | Ground Report
ayesha fatima or ayesha makrani  who is real upsc topper from dewas

Two UPSC applicants with the same name, Ayasha, from Madhya Pradesh, claimed to have been ranked 18th after the exam results were announced. However, an investigation by the UPSC revealed that Ayasha Makrani of Alirajpur had falsely claimed her rank of her.

How Ayasha Makrani faked her UPSC rank?

The UPSC found that Aysha Makrani, daughter of Salimmuddin Makrani, had indeed sat for the Civil Service exam, but her actual roll number was 7805064, not 7811744 as she had claimed. She scored only 22.22 points in General Studies Exam I and 21.09 points in General Studies Exam II during the preliminary exam held on June 5, 2022.


According to the UPSC, Ayasha Makrani did not meet the qualification criteria because she scored well below the cutoff marks. She needed a minimum of 66 points on Paper II, but she fell short, and her Paper I scores were also lower than the cutoff marks for the unreserved category.

Contrary to the fraudulent claim of Ayasha Makrani, the genuine candidate named Ayasha Fatima, daughter of Naziruddin, with registration number 7811744, secured 184th place in the final result of the 2022 civil service exam. UPSC clarified that Ayasha Fatima is the legitimate recommended candidate for the range.


Experts: Roll number duplication impossible.

Amid the controversy surrounding the two Ayasha candidates claiming their selection in the UPSC exam, Naziruddin, the father of Ayasha Fatima, expressed his belief that his daughter had indeed been selected. He demanded a thorough investigation into the matter, stating that the UPSC could not make such a mistake, and insisted on finding out the truth. Ayasha Fatima, 26, had attempted the exam four times and had chosen political science as her subject.


One of the notable discrepancies between the admission cards of Ayasha Makrani and Ayasha Fatima was the date and day mentioned for the personality test. Ayasha Makrani's admission card stated that the personality test was scheduled for April 25, described as Thursday, while Ayasha Fatima's card stated the same date as April 25, but listed it as Tuesday. Referring to the calendar, it can be confirmed that April 25 was indeed a Tuesday.


Adding to the confusion, Ayasha Makrani's brother claimed that they had received an email from UPSC saying that Ayasha's name had been changed due to the similarity of her name to three other candidates. According to Shahbazuddin, Ayasha's full name had not changed, but she had been changed to Ayasha Fatima (Ayesha Makrani).

Naziruddin pointed out another significant difference between the admission cards. Ayasha Fatima's card featured a UPSC watermark along with a QR code, while Ayasha Makrani's card appeared to be a printout without any QR code. When the QR code on Ayasha Fatima's card was scanned, it displayed the same information as mentioned on the admission card.

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