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What is Mahadev Betting App Scam?

02:09 PM Sep 16, 2023 IST | Ground Report
what is mahadev betting app scam

The Mahadev Betting App Scam is a recent scandal that has come to light in India. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is currently investigating the case, which involves the Mahadev Online Betting app.

The Mahadev Online Book Betting App is an umbrella syndicate that allegedly helped illegal betting websites. The app was used to enroll new users, create user IDs, and launder money through a network of benami bank accounts. The app was run from a central head office in the UAE. 


The app's promoters allegedly spent around Rs 200 crore in cash on a wedding ceremony in February 2023. They hired private jets to fly family members from Nagpur to the UAE and celebrities to perform at the wedding.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) seized assets worth Rs 417 crore in connection with the Mahadev app. The ED also summoned Tiger Shroff, Sunny Leone, and others linked to the scam.


The ED has conducted searches in multiple cities and arrested four accused so far. The agency has also initiated an investigation abroad, and non-bailable warrants have been issued for absconding suspects. The founders of the app are currently suspected to be operating out of Dubai.


According to the ED, the Mahadev app is an umbrella syndicate arranging online platforms to aid illegal betting websites in enrolling new users and launder money through a layered web of benami bank accounts.


Large scale hawala operations are done to siphon off the proceeds of betting to offshore accounts. Large expenditure in cash is also being done in India for advertising of betting websites and self-grandizement necessary to attract new Users and franchise (panel) seekers.

Promoters face evidence, lavish wedding

In addition to the mounting evidence against the promoters, one half of the duo - Sourabh Chandrakar - recently got hitched in a lavish ceremony in the United Arab Emirates, which reportedly cost around Rs 200 crore. Several Bollywood celebrities were hired to perform, and private jets were used to ferry guests.

The ED is also investigating Bollywood actors and singers for their involvement in the Mahadev online betting case, including their attendance at the wedding and success party of the app’s promoter in the UAE.

The Mahadev Betting App Scam is a serious issue that has caught the attention of law enforcement agencies in India. The ED’s investigation into this matter is ongoing, and more details are expected to emerge soon.

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