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Who is Mahesh Patel threaten sanitation worker with gun in Indore?

07:23 PM Apr 18, 2023 IST | groundreportdesk
who is mahesh patel threaten sanitation worker with gun in indore

An Indore businessman, who is linked to a former BJP MLA in Madhya Pradesh, has been accused of threatening to shoot sanitation workers and firing a gun into the air over a dispute over garbage.

Mahesh Patel, a petrol pump owner, now faces a police complaint filed by local civic body sanitation workers.


During the incident, which has now become viral after being recorded on video, sanitation workers were collecting trash outside Mahesh Patel’s residence on Saturday.

The dispute started when Patel’s wife argued with the workers about the separation of dry and wet waste. The situation escalated quickly as Patel and his son also joined in the argument.


The situation reached a boiling point when he entered the fray, brandishing a weapon from the first floor and threatening the sanitation workers. He then came downstairs and pointed the gun at them, causing the workers to flee the scene in fear for their safety.


Mahesh Patel and his son are facing a complaint for hurling verbal abuse at sanitation workers, but they have not been arrested yet.


Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Aditya Mishra said that they are currently verifying the video and investigating the incident before making any comments.


Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava has stated that the Indore Municipal Corporation supports its sanitation workers and will take appropriate action against anyone who instigates a conflict with them.

Meanwhile, Congress spokesperson Nilabh Shukla has claimed that Mahesh Patel has close ties with the ruling BJP and demanded strict action against him.

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